Gil Must Go: a great night at Shea seeing our Giants back in town!

What a fun night last night at Shea!

The Giants were back in New York where they belong so I grabbed my trusty old black and orange cap (I wish there were some way to buy a new one as mine is getting old – the NY looks soooo much better on black than this Dodger Blue monstrosity the new team wears).

As much as I have tried to adopt the Mets, I’ll always be a Giants fan at heart and I’m always thrilled to see Willie back in town.

52,000 filled Shea (mostly us Giants fans) but somehow, shockingly, Terrific out dueled mike McCormick.

Gil tried his best to lose the game by starting Gliding Ed Charles again – hey what a shock, 0 for 2.

I’ll be back out there today for a beautiful Saturday day game with Gary G on the hill.  Go Giants!