We all need to be honest with each other about this Gary Apple and Ron Darling combo on SNY Mets games

If I started this blog to make friends and be well liked I really am doing a lousy job.  Look guys, we gotta be honest with each other.  You know it, I know it but does SNY know it – this combination of Gary Apple and Ron Darling is really boring.

Look, I could embed 500 of these. Here’s the twitter search, entertain yourself.

I’m not here to kill Gary Apple.  He does a nice enough job in the booth playing out of position.  He will actually be fine when Keith Hernandez rolls in this weekend (Keith brings the danger).  The issue is that he is paired with Ron.


I bring this up during GARY COHEN AND RON broadcasts.  Gary C and Ron is the  least best of the normal combinations.   GKR is optimal.  Gary and Keith is better than Gary and Ron.

So when you play ask Gary Apple to do not-his-job and he isn’t pulling things out of Ron the way Cohen does – you get a boring telecast.  Keith doesn’t need that – he’ll go into a rant on his own, or start talking about an attractive fan…you all know what Keith does.  But Ron…well here’s a transcript from 1951 I found.

GARY APPLE:  here’s the pitch from Branca, and there it goes.  Home run!  Bobby Thomson’s 32nd home run and the Giants win the pennant.

RON:  That’s right.  Big hit by Thomson.

APPLE:  That will do it from the Polo Grounds.  Giants 5, Dodgers 4, stay tuned for the Rheingold post-game show.

These last two games have been awful.  They can’t pull Wayne up to the TV side because someone also let Howie take this week off, and I guess the radio guys are afraid of locking Ed Coleman and John Sadak in a booth.  Let them do it, it will be fine.

When Gelbs is making a broadcast more exciting you know there’s a problem.  (Another topic everyone is afraid to discuss.)

OK guys, I took one for the team here.  Let everyone be mad at me.  But you know it, I know it…I just don’t know if SNY knows it or cares.