@QBConvention VS Mets Fan Fest

(A guest post by Media Goon)



So how is your day going today?



Mine has been interesting to say the least. I am going to get into it right away.



Many of you have probably seen that the Mets are doing a Fan Fest one week after QBC 2020 next year. That’s great and I guess after Six years after trying to bluff the Mets into doing one we finally “won” and now the Mets are doing one. Which is great for the fans of the Mets. And we wish the Mets success in this. We want Mets fans to have the best experiences whether its with the Mets official Fan Fest or our unofficial Fan Fest.



I am going to be transparent with this post folks. We started this event to try to get the Mets to do one. Originally it was myself, Shannon Shark, Darren Meenan and Dan Twohig. Darren had to drop out because of having to do things with The 7 Line(but has supported us non stop since then). Eventually Shannon dropped out because of life commitments. Then it was down to two.



The Mets over the years have sent staff over to us for panels and have been generous with giveaways. They know it was a good idea to try to connect with the fans. And we thank them for that. It was a good partnership. Along the way we were able to get SNY to be a title sponsor and we were able to air commercials to promote the QBC their. They even sent panels over to us because they saw the value of the partnership that was growing.



Towards the end of this season I heard rumblings that the Mets wanted to do their own Fan Fest and that they might want us involved. Which I thought was great because the Mets saw how hard we worked over the past few years basically promoting their brand with the QBC. Dan and I did get an email from the Mets that they wanted us to come in and have a meeting with them. They wanted to do a Fan Fest and to their credit they did want us to work with them, by giving them insights and maybe running a panel room. They wanted to show that they cared about the fans. They asked us to put together a proposal and we did. They also asked us not to hold the QBC in January because they were going do it then. We had always planned to do ours on January 18th and they were thinking about doing theirs that day.



We sent them our proposal and they turned it down. I am not going to get into specifics except for the fact that we offered to help consult with what fans want to see and program panel rooms all day.. They said that they have internal departments that can handle a fanfest and didn’t need us to consult. I get it. They didn’t want to pay us to consult and to program a panel room. But we also weren’t going to volunteer to do this. We both have busy jobs and it is one thing when we bust our ass for the QBC to make us and other fans happy, but we weren’t going to kill ourselves with our work commitments to work for free with the Mets at their fest.



Some folks have been asking why we were so late in announcing the QBC for 2020. This is why.



We waited until the Mets got back to us and once they did we had to finalize the venue. We were actually looking to do the QBC at Citi Field this year but the fan fest knocked that out from under us. We had to wait on booking talent because we didn’t want to have to book someone that could have had another appearance opportunity. Right now we are trying to finalize all the talent and panels for the day. We want to make the QBC the best experience every year for our fellow fans. We also try to make the experience a real fun event that lasts all day.



We try to stay as affordable as possible for our fellow fans also. We have to pay for the talent, the venue, ticketing service, travel/hotel/transpo for the players and also for stuff like sound and other incidentals.



Thank you for supporting us for all these years and hopefully still supporting us this year. The two events should be able to co exist.



This is the Mets Release about whats going on that day. Hopefully Mets Fans will go to both.




The Mets are excited to announce the Inaugural Mets FANFEST will take place at Citi Field on Saturday, January 25, 2020, and will feature appearances by new Manager Carlos Beltrán, current Mets players, Mets’ legends, as well as games, tours and other activities for the whole family.

Fans can take part in self-guided tours of Citi Field with stops that include the Mets home clubhouse, broadcast booths, press conference room and more. Young fans will have the chance to take swings in the visiting batting cages, interact with players, play video games and take photos with Mr. and Mrs. Met. Other events, including live panel discussions, will take place throughout the day.


  • Tickets On Sale: Tuesday, December 3rd at 10:00 a.m. ET
  • Admission: $20 for adults, $5 for children 12 and under
    • Opportunity to purchase up to two (2) Autograph Sessions ($25 each) Proceeds from all autograph sessions will benefit the Mets Foundation.
  • Ticket limit: Six (6) tickets total per transaction.
  • Complimentary Parking (spaces will be limited)

Ticket availability and autograph sessions opportunities are not guaranteed and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. There are a limited number of tickets available for this exclusive event, so fans are encouraged to act quickly.Please note that this is an online only purchase opportunity; these tickets are not available for purchase over the phone.