Matt Harvey pitched against the Yankees…how’d he do? You’ll look

If there are three things Matt Harvey loves, they are Babes, Burritos and the New York Yankees.  Matt loves the Yankees so much that he’s been known to pick attending a Yankee game over a Mets game…and that was when he was ON the Mets.

So imagine how excited Matt was to attend a Yankees game today AND be the starting pitcher.

Matt faces off against a batting title kind of player and…SIT DOWN SON!

And now Gary Sanchez is up and SIT DOWN SON!

The Dark Knight is back baby, get the t-shirt printing press cranked.

So far so good for The Next Seaver, we go to the second and OH NO its one of those pesky home runs that follow Matt around.

But Matt Harvey shrugs it off and he’s on to the third inning where he sees another former Met!

And a rare 4th inning appearance for The Real Deal. I don’t mean because it’s spring training and he’s not stretched out, I mean it’s rare because he can’t pitch out of trouble and never lasts 4 innings.   

So if you are a halfway decent looking waitress in the Sarasota area and you see a man who looks happy and he offers to buy you a burrito or a beverage…say yes….you might just be talking to a member of the Orioles rotation!

Until he starts giving up a ton of home runs in Camden Yards. But that’s April’s problem. Ignore that loud out thing in that tweet. Let the guy enjoy a Saturday night out on the town of Sarasota.