Donkey Kong. Will this guy manage the Mets? No

I mean, Mets, come on already.  How many candidates do you need?

At this point I am ready to hire Donkey Kong.

I don’t know what would make the Mets think DK is at all qualified…but I am pretty confident will say that about whoever they DO hire.  I mean, they hired an AGENT to be the GM, so is hiring a barrel throwing gorilla any worse?  It really isn’t.

Plus, I would love to see DK throw some barrels at Gelbs.

What’s the worst that happens?  DK is hands off?  That worked for Davey Johnson.

However, the Mets have enough injuries on their own without someone slipping on a banana peel – and I think that risk rules DK out.

Will Donkey Kong manage the Mets? No.