A Thanksgiving Turkey. Will this guy manage the Mets? No.

Look, if the Mets are just hiring their 15th choice to run the organization anyway, why not spare a life.  Let’s get a Thanksgiving Turkey pardoned and let him manage the Mets.

Two seconds of internet research tells me that turkeys are INTELLIGENT AND UNPREDICATBLE.  What else would you want from a Mets manager?   Plus, every year I do a Mets Turkeys article for Thanksgiving week, and the new manager would be a slam dunk.

Gelbs can ask the Turkey “how did it feel when you lost the game?”

The Turkey will say “Gobble gobble” which is a fine answer because Gelbs wasn’t going to ask a good follow-up anyway.

Also think of all the great Turkey jokes the hilarious back page writers at the tabloids can come up with.

What’s the worst that happens, the Mets miss the playoffs?  Been there, done that.

Unfortunately, the Mets will pick some boring third coach and reject my progressive idea.

Will a Thanksgiving Turkey manage the Mets? No.