Sterling or Scully: A Tale of Two Gary Cohens

Last week #TheNarrative was that Gary Cohen called an amazing inning when the Mets came back to beat the Phillies.  Maybe he did, I didn’t see it.

What I do see, is Gary mail in almost all his home run calls.  He goes into Gary Sterling mode using his catch phrase It is High, It Is Far To The Track To The Wall It’s Outta Here.

Here’s an example, although this isn’t as lazy as some of his calls.

Verdict: Sterling

So what makes that frustrating is that Gary CAN do this…

That’s a great call Gary. Everything about it. Do THAT. Don’t be John Sterling. Don’t get into Cooperstown via Ford Frick just by doing this into your 80s. EARN IT with great calls like this one.

Verdict: Scully