Marketing: Are the Mets stupid, inept or do they just hate themselves?

What the hell is this?

That might be the ugliest thing I have ever seen.  Did the Mets not learn from the hybrid caps that blue and black don’t go together?  As much as I hate the black uniforms at least the black cap is less ugly with the jerseys than the hybrids were.

So here is my theory.  Steve Cohen has a nephew.  I will call this nephew Pooch.

Theory:  Poochie Cohen has been given some sort of high job in the marketing department and its also leaning over the shoulder of the Mets social media guy.  Mets Social Media Guy did a great job with the Devils and then the Mets – but something has been amiss this year.  Somebody must be whispering in Mets Social Media Guy’s Ear and forcing bad decisions.

Poochie Cohen is Generation Piazza and thinks black jerseys are rad.  He also loved college basketball ten years ago and proposed this Blackout Thing the Mets are doing a week from today.   Suddenly the Mets are giving away t-shirts to EVERY fan instead of the usual giveaway of 15/20/25000 that we normally see.  Suddenly they have 47000 shirts?

So Poochie Cohen likes the black jerseys and likes the blackout concept…


….and went on photoshop and made this abomination of a logo.  Social Media Guy has to eat it, or Poochie goes running to Uncle Steve.

Poochie Cohen is like Jeff Wilpon with more money and worse ideas.

Uncle Steve doesn’t care about any of this because the Dow is up 0..65% approaching 1pm so Uncle Steve made like 70 gazillion dollars today so whatever Pooch wants to do is fine, something like that is my theory.

But at the crux here is WHY do the Mets think a blackout is cool?  Why not do a blue out or an orange out?  (if we have to do an Out at all)  Why black?  It’s not one of the team’s colors…there its even a song to prove which colors fans are true to.

Why don’t the Mets want to be THE METS?  The Blue and Orange team…..borrowed stuff from the Giants and Dodgers 60 years ago……why do they want to be Poochified?   Who is torturing the Social Media Guy this season?  Why do they allow Vulgar Pete to vulgarize the brand instead of telling him to cut it out.   (Across town BEARDS are off-brand and have to go, why allow an F word in the middle of Let’s Go Mets?)  Why ANY of this?

Why even be the Mets? Why not go full rebrand and become the NEW YORK BLACK DRAGONS  or something.  Then you can ditch the Giants’ NY, ditch the blue, ditch the orange and do whatever Poochie Cohen wants.  Go full XFL Steve.  Go full Arena Football.  Send Mr. Met (who let’s face it, is actually boring) and we can get XTREME DRAGON in here to make the Phanatic look like an old man.


Anyway….I don’t REALLY care.  I used to care but no more.  Baseball is boring and I have zero intention of watching this weekend and zero intention of attending a game.  The Mets let their brand go sideways and they let the sport itself become unwatchable.

So you do you Poochie Cohen.  I am sure Gen-Z will love the blackout and the vulgar t-shirts Pete sells or whatever else you want to do.   Good luck with all of it.

But hey, let’s talk BUSINESS which is Uncle Steve’s language.

When you are trying to sell a product, you have a 60%-70% chance of making a sale with a returning customer. The probability of the same with a new customer is 5%-20%.

It costs up to 7x more to acquire a new customer than to retain an old one.   (via

So Steve, if you want to let little Pooch chase new fans at 7x the cost of trying to get me back….and you think that is somehow smart business….you do you.  Enjoy the blackout.


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