No SNY isn’t being cool showing you Diaz

Guys, guys, guys. tap the brakes and come to your senses

Apparently SNY (channel 11) showed Diaz walking in last night and everyone thought it was cool

Now while it may have been a cool experience, and apparently a lot of you thought it was, let’s remember something.

SNY almost definitely isn’t just doing this to be cool. They have unsold inventory and they decided not to run filler

If you watch games you will notice that a lot of the things that air during the commercial breaks are not commercials.

Believe me, if they could band money filling that spot with four ads they would. But it appears to me that the game was undersold so they were able to free up that break, so they did.

Which brings me to a larger point. If baseball isn’t selling out the games of a first place team in New York City, then maybe there is too much commercial inventory available. Since pace of play is an issue, why not shorten the breaks?

Finally, you guys are funny how you all love Diaz now. Was he not part of the Cano deal? Was he not disliked when he first got here? He’s yet another example of if you play well then all is forgiven. Like Lindor and so many others.