The freedom of not watching Mets baseball on TV

I know the feeling.  You check the schedule and you see the Mets have a game at 7pm.  So you make sure you’re in front of the TV.  This is going to be great.

Well, except Keith isn’t working tonight.  And man you wish Gelbs would stop talking.  And this game is going kind of slow.   And ugh another pitching change.  Why won’t this game end?

Yet, you come back the next night.   Eventually there’s a weekend day game and you grab your radio or modern equivalent.  Then there’s that pesky weekday game.  Maybe you have a TV in your office, but you can’t reply pay attention.  Or you have a Gameday window open in the corner of your screen.

I was like you.

Earlier this season the Mets had a crazy schedule that had a lot of late starts and weekday day games and I got out of the habit of watching and…

…it’s been GREAT!

I have so much more free time to be outside, or listen to podcasts or watch the golden age of television, or play video games…..and some nights all of the above.

Last night I made a joke about whether you guys had Baty in the HOF yet.  Someone asked if I was watching.  My answer – of course not, baseball is unwatchable (boring).  I had jumped on twitter for two seconds and the MetsPoliceBot had updated me on Baty.  That’s it  I had all the information I needed.

Around 10pm I opened up the MLB App and saw the score, then went back to watching videos about Lake Mead shrinking.  A half hour later I checked again. Took 5 seconds maybe.  And I had all the information I needed.

I am so glad I detoxed from watching baseball, which was just as easy as my detox from listening to games (thanks to the malfeasance of WOR and also the MLB app, well discussed in the past).

I don’t miss it at all.  I don’t begrudge your watching.  I am able to follow the team in ways that takes 5 seconds as opposed to 4 hours, and I am very happy I made the switch.  Give it a try, you may find you don’t miss it.

And guess what – this isn’t a blood oath.  If you want to watch, you can still watch!  You haven’t signed a contract.  You want to watch deGrom for a few innings, go ahead!  You want to see this kid Baty? Go ahead!   Just don’t feel like  you HAVE to watch.  You really don’t.   Try it, it’s freeing.

Hey @mlb is THIS what you wanted?