Matt Harvey pitched against the Netherlands. How did he do? You’ll look

Oh the media can be so stupid.  NOBODY has watched more post-Mets Matt Harvey than I have and I am telling you he is terrible and cannot pitch out of trouble. He has clean innings and horrific innings.

But the media doesn’t pay attention so…

And I think most of us have come to agree that SNY’s web-itotial team is as bad at writing as Matt is at pitching. They described this as GREAT.

GREAT? 1 run in 4 innings is GREAT now?  And are we going to ignore the loss in speed?  (Velocity measures speed AND direction, but baseball media types like to use the word incorrectly.)

Matt threw 60 pitches, 38 for strikes.  Against Didder and Tromp.

Against legendary Dutch baseball players like these guys…

Can we tap the brakes a little??

Let’s see how Matt does next time against real competition.


While we are discussing the World Baseball Classic, the international tournament of teams that don’t get to be the World Champions of Baseball for some reason…..

…if the goal is to grow the sport – why is England playing at 2am UK Time?  Why did they schedule USA at 9pm eastern last night, and TEN PM eastern tonight and tomorrow.

This is a big joke…..

…and you Pete Alonso fans.  He doesn’t even start.  LOL.  When he’s not right at the start of the season remember he left camp for a few weeks to watch Paul Goldschmidt play baseball.

Pete Alonso wondering who could have possibly gotten Chili Davis fired.