Post: SNY crew excusing Pete Alonso’s boorish actions

Phil Mushnick on Gary Cohen and the SNY gang…

At the close of last Wednesday’s Mets telecast on SNY, boastful Pete Alonso proudly hollered his trademark obscenity, “Let’s f—ing go Mets!” into SNY’s and Citi Field’s microphones. Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez pretended that never happened. Not even a “Gee, that was unfortunate,” or a single, “I wish Pete would cut that out. It looks bad on him.”

Or even, “I love when he does that!”

And again, we were too stupid to hear or see what we couldn’t miss and what was designed by Alonso not to be missed.

Phil, here’s what you are missing in all this.

Pete Alonso gives the media access.  He plays nice with them, so they play nice back.  If Pete ever ices the media, then this stuff will come up.  Until then, if he talks to Gelbs after a game, he can say whatever he wants and everyone will smile and cash paychecks and go home.

Similarly, Steve Cohen plays nice.  So if he wants to build a casino on parkland, nobody says any thing.   Jeff Wilpon hid out, so they killed him.

This is always the story.  Play nice with the media, they play nice with you.  That’s what’s happening with Vulgar Pete.