My take on the 2024 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot (no on Beltran, Reyes and Wright)

IN:  Home Run King (both records) Barry Bonds.

IN: Roger Clemens, who won 350 games.

IN: Pete Rose, the hit king.

IN:  Alex Rodriguez.

As for the new list, there’s a lot of ‘Hall of Garvey” on there (this is where we send people like Steve Garvey and David Wright who were pretty good but not Cooperstown).

I am scanning the list and everyone on it, other than A-Rod, I feel like I’d have to look up their stats.  And if I have to look up your stats, you shouldn’t be in.

You might be able to convince me on Vizquel.  As the pitching numbers continue to get worse and worse here in the Slow Death Era (2020-2045), Andy Pettitte’s resume is going to look better and better (256 wins, 5 rings, whatever went down with PEDs and Mrs. Clemens)