An apology to the 2003 Mets

Nicholas writes:

I’m writing to you in regards to a correction in regards to your most recent post. You stated that back in 2003, the Mets won 65 games, well in fact, looking at the 2003 Mets Wikipedia page as well as baseball-reference, you’re wrong, they actually won 66 games going 66-95. I doubt you’ll correct it knowing how you roll, but just wanted to clarify something you brought up.

Thank you Nicholas for bringing this to my attention.  At this point I would like to offer a heartfelt apology to the 2003 Mets:

To the  2003 New York Mets Players, Staff, and Fans,

I am reaching out to extend my sincerest apologies for the error I made in a recent statement where I incorrectly cited the 2003 team’s win total as 65 games. After taking another look at the records, I realize that the team actually achieved 66 wins during that season.

As someone who prides themselves on accuracy and thoroughness, I am disappointed that I misstated such an important fact. Each win in a season is hard-earned and a testament to the team’s effort and skill. Misrepresenting that achievement, even by one game, is something I take seriously.

I wish to apologize to manager Art Howe, and his family.

I did not mean to slight first baseman Jason Phillips, who batted .298 in 119 games for an OPS of .815, a number not that far off from Pete Alonso’s 2023 OPS of .821.  Perhaps Phillips deserved a lifetime contract from the Wilpons. We will never know.

Or left fielder Cliff Floyd, and his .894 OPS, in a time when Millennials were just infants, and didn’t yet talk about OPS, otherwise Floyd too might have been given a lifetime deal as it’s obvious Floyd was way better than Pete Alonso has ever been, other than Pete’s 2019 season, a season which this blogger has said Pete will never again match, and has so far been right. Cliff, thank you for your contribution in the 108 games you were part of.

Let us never forget Mets Hall of Famer Al Leiter, who went 15-9, cementing his status as one of the great All Time Mets, nor Captain John Franco’s two saves.

Let us remember that David Cone came back to us to contribute one win, and let us remember the 68 games that Mike Piazza rallied to play, contributing 11 home runs.

Thank you to Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar, for making that a magical summer where fans delighted in watching your march to Cooperstown.

I also want to apologize to the booth of Fox Sports New York, where Howie Rose worked hard to carry Ted Robinson and Matt Loughlin, and of course acknowledge the contributions of WPIX’s Tom Seaver in describing the great plays on the field.

I apologize to the Wilpons, who tried their best to win the World Series, a task that even the richest of the rich cannot pull off in Queens.

Please accept my heartfelt apology for this oversight. I have the utmost respect for the dedication and hard work that the Mets organization and its players put into every game, every season. I assure you that I will make every effort to ensure such an error does not happen again.

With respect and admiration for your commitment to the great game of baseball, and all 66 of the wins. You were not terrible. 65 wins is terrible.  66 is fan-tastic.

Your #1 fan,