The Concert


Jerry, Elaine, and Steve are engaged in a casual conversation about cereal when Kramer bursts through the door, visibly excited.

KRAMER: (animated) You will never believe who showed up at the Zack Bryan concert last night!  Pete Alonso!

STEVE: (interrupting, incredulous) Pete Alonso?

ELAINE:  Who’s Pete Alonso?

Kramer nods enthusiastically, pulling out his phone to showcase the video evidence.

KRAMER: Bingo! Pete Alonso, right there in the crowd, grooving to the music like there’s no tomorrow!

Steve’s frustration is palpable as he watches the video, the implications of Alonso’s public appearance weighing heavily on his mind.

STEVE: (muttering to himself) Unbelievable… After everything we’ve been through…

Elaine and Jerry exchange puzzled glances, sensing Steve’s agitation.

ELAINE: (curious) What’s the big deal? It’s just a concert.

STEVE: (exasperated) It’s not just a concert, Elaine! It’s the optics of the situation. We’re already dealing with enough embarrassment as it is.


Steve is on his way to his office, and sees Fr. Michael coming back from Team Mass.

STEVE: (enthusiastically) Father Michael! Happy Easter to you!

FATHER MICHAEL: (nodding politely) Happy Easter..

Steve, eager to infuse some optimism into the conversation, leans in a bit too eagerly.

STEVE: (leaning closer, conspiratorially) You know, Father, I’ve been thinking. A little divine intervention on our side today could really turn the tide for the Mets. What do you say? Can you put in a good word for us upstairs?

Father Michael’s demeanor remains unchanged, his response measured and cautious.

FATHER MICHAEL: (diplomatically) While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I’m afraid divine intervention doesn’t quite work like that. We must put our faith in the hands of a higher power and accept whatever outcome may come.

Undeterred, Steve persists, his optimism shining through.

STEVE: (insistently) But Father, think about it! A victory today would mean so much to the team, to the fans…to the whole city! Surely, a little extra help from above couldn’t hurt?

FATHER MICHAEL: (chuckling softly)  I’ll tell you what, I will pray for your soul. That way, win or lose, you’ll come out ahead in the end.

Steve’s enthusiasm falters momentarily at the unexpected response, but he manages a weak smile. He can’t help but wonder what Fr, Michael meant by that.


Steve runs into Pete, who is on his way to the locker room

STEVE: Hey, Pete. Saw you made it to a concert last night.

Pete offers a friendly smile, though he seems slightly taken aback by Steve’s directness.

PETE : Yeah, it was a good time. Needed a bit of a break from the field.

Steve’s expression remains serious, his tone slightly reproachful.

STEVE: Right, right. But you know, Pete, after a couple of tough losses, some fans might not see it that way. Could give off the wrong impression, you know?  The optics.

Pete shifts uncomfortably, sensing the weight of Steve’s implication.

PETE: The optics?

STEVE: You know, the optics. It’s about perception, Pete. And right now, the perception… well, it could use a little polishing.

Pete furrows his brow, a hint of frustration creeping into his voice.

PETE : The optics were that I hit a home run yesterday, what do you want from me?

Steve’s disapproval is palpable, his tone unyielding.

STEVE: I’d like the optics to be a little better, Pete. That’s all.


STEVE: David, come in here for a sec.

David enters Steve’s office, a stack of papers in hand, ready to dive into the latest analysis.

DAVID: Hey, Steve. What’s up?

STEVE: What’s up? What’s up is why are the Mets getting swept by the Brewers? You got some numbers for me?

David nods, flipping through the papers in his hands before offering an explanation.

DAVID: Well, statistically speaking, our bullpen usage has been less than optimal, and our batting lineup seems to struggle against their pitching rotation.

Steve listens intently, though his frustration is evident.

STEVE: And what about Pete? What’s he doing at concerts after two losses?

David shrugs, not entirely surprised by the question.

DAVID: Oh, that’s probably just Carlos not paying attention. He’s new at managing, you know. Doesn’t have full control of the team yet.

Steve’s eyebrows shoot up in disbelief.

STEVE: Doesn’t have control of the team? We hired someone who doesn’t have control of the team?

David nods, attempting to clarify.

DAVID: Well, you wanted a new manager.  And besides, I wasn’t even here when you fired Buck.

Steve pauses, considering David’s words before questioning further.

STEVE: Wait, I fired Buck because you wanted to hire Counsell.  Didn’t you want to hire Counsell?  We only hired Carlos because you didn’t hire Counsell.

David chuckles, shaking his head.

DAVID: Counsell? Nah, that’s crazy. Why would I hire that guy?  I would’ve kept Buck. The guy won 101 games and then had some bad luck last year before you traded everyone.  A good team needs an experienced manager.  Did you know that no team has ever won the World Series with a rookie manager?

Steve leans back in his chair, realizing the tangled web of decisions that led to the current predicament.


GARY COHEN: And Alonso swings! It’s a high fly ball deep to center field…

KEITH HERNANDEZ: He got all of that one, Gary.

GARY COHEN: To the track, to the wall…

GARY COHEN: And it’s caught! Right at the warning track! Alonso just missed it!

KEITH HERNANDEZ: Yeah, Pete looks a bit tired out there today, doesn’t he?