Catching up on various Mets items

ITEM:  From Paul Lukas at Uni Watch

The Mets (retired) Dwight Gooden’s No. 16 on Sunday….. (they) prepared for the festivities by mowing a big “16” into the outfield grass — including a big serif at the base of the “1” — for this weekend’s series against the Royals.

Just one problem: Gooden never wore a Mets uniform with a base-serifed “1.” In fact, with the possible exception of special occasion one-offs, no Met has worn a base-serifed one since 1981, or at any time on a home uniform. (Gooden’s rookie year was 1984.)

ITEM:  Whitey Herzog has passed away

I wish Whitey could have managed in the 2020s.  His style of baseball would have dominated against teams standing around hoping Pete Alonso could hit a home run.  Interestingly, some of the recent rule changes were to bring back the steal and to get the ball put in play more.  Whitey would have been great ta that.

I also loved/hated his gamesmanship.  I love gamesmanship, I just hated that he used it against those Mets teams in the 1980s.

Whitey also made tremendous contributions to the Mets organization, but those were before my time, so I am undereducated on them.

ITEM:  The Mets have really goofed up their brand.

There was a time when I would have spent Sunday afternoon gathering material for a Gooden Retirement post.  As it turned out, I had other things to do in my personal life on Sunday so I wound up barely mentioning it.  I didn’t read any stories about it.  I didn’t watch any clips.  I just don’t care, and I used to care.  I haven’t been blogging since 2008 because I don’t care – but somewhere along the way the Mets made me not care – and I think it’s because they let Pete Alonso vulgarize the brand, and they not only didn’t DFA Lindor when he told the fans to buzz off, they actually market the guy.  So Mets, you do you, I’ll be over here not caring.

ITEM: Mets City Connect jersey.

On a similar note, you should see my closet.  I even own a Mets Civil Rights Game jersey do you?  The idea that a new jersey is coming out should interest me, even if I think I will hate it.  But same note as the Gooden thing.  The Mets have somehow made me not care.

Now, here’s the thing, I don’t seem to be alone.  Have you seen the attendance numbers?  Have you seen the empty seats in the t-shirt section?  Something is broken in Queens – or maybe I am just right and baseball IS dead for a variety of reasons.  Even John Sterling’s given reason for suddenly retiring is that he doesn’t enjoy it any more (although at 85, I wonder if that is actually why.)

Anyway, you guys can now spend the afternoon telling me to STFU and to retire my blog and all that, but I am committed with the mission which is to encourage the Mets to win the World Series while nicely dressed.  Its seems as if Uncle Steve doesn’t share that plan on either end.