Mets City Connect: The 7 Line is a T-Shirt company, the 7 TRAIN is the subway

Nitpick about the City Connect descriptions…

The 7-Line: In the City’s most diverse borough, there is one train that represents all New Yorkers equally and brings you to our home. We weave purple throughout this uniform as an homage to the ultimate connector – The 7-Line.

Here’s the thing.  Nobody calls it The 7 Line.  The 7 Line is an apparel company founded by Darren Meenan (who I am mad at because his brand is using a vulgarized version of LGM and Darren knows better.)

The subway which you are seeking to emote is known as  the 7 Train.  I grew up half a block from Roosevelt Avenue.  Ut’s the 7 Train.  I took the 7 Train to high school.  I took the 7 Train to Mets games.

Its the 7 train.

Is it the D Line?  No.  It’s the “D” or the D Train.

Is there a famous song about Take The A Line?  No there is not.  You take the A Train.

Do you transfer to the E Line at 74th?  No you do not. You take the E Train to Manhattan.

So, I get the narrative, but a lot of out of owners are in power in Queens these days and they don’t know what they are talking about, and they definitely don’t take the subway.

7 TRAIN.  Get the lore right.


Now if you want to use LINE – Flushing Line would have been OK.  The 7 Train runs on the Flushing Line.  Hypothetically you could have an 11 Train run express on the Flushing Line.

There is a Lexington Avenue Line.  It has the 4, 5 and 6.  The 4, 5, and 6 trains run on the Lexington Avenue LINE.


Clean up the lore Mets.

And Darren, cut it out.  You can sell shirts without playing to he vulgar idiots.  Remember, what built your brand wasn’t Sell The Team, it was tapping into the emotion of Gary Carter’s passing.    #LGM