A-Rod not so stupid? Having surgery

Just breaking…A-Rod's gonna have surgery. Out 6-9 weeks. Better to
miss April than August.

Or is this just a band aid? Ask a doctor.

I feel like I have spent the last month writing about the Yankees, but
with 16 Mets at the dopey WBC it's kindvof hard not to write about A-

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Hernandez Should Talk Drugs? (and other links for a lazy Sunday)

Nothing grabbing me this morning.

T.O. to Buffalo.

I’m not in the mood to panic over Pelfrey.

Santana will be fine.

The Post reminds us that you can win a World Series with Hayes at third.

I gotta admit it would be hilarious if the Yankees win a World Series while A-Rod is out.

Interesting take by Raissman saying that Keith Hernandez should talk more about his drug past.   I tend to agree with Keith, we all know about it and it’s what 25-30 years ago now – he’s come clean (verbally and physically) – what’s the point of him bringing it up during a game, so that I have to explain about another type of drug to my kid.

Page Six has a cute DiMaggio at church story.

Newsday writes more about this Lighthouse fantasy , whereas I have realized it’s time to let the Islanders die.

Centerfield Maz tweaked his site and wrote about Carl Furillo.

Another quiet day in Flushing until this stupid WBC ends.


Bad News for Trent Edwards: Here Comes T.O. To Buffalo

You wake up this morning to learn that Terrell Owens has signed with…..Buffalo?

The Toronto Bills?

This is bad news for Bills QB Trent Edwards.    Owens has a way of turning on QBs from Garcia to McNabb to Romo.

T.O. says, “Trent has tremendous upside.”   I’m sure he does, as long as T.O. is getting 125 yards a game and the Bills go 19 and 0.

This is a weird signing for a team that finished last in a division with the Patriots and a resurgent Parcells-led Dolphins.  I guess the Bills sense opportunity now that the Jets are acting like they are going bankrupt and laying off people.

The Bills think they are one player away?   They have one foot out the door to Canada.   Maybe they were underwhelmed at the undersold Toronto games last year.   I don’t get it.


I Guess The Jets & NFL Are Almost Bankrupt

What’s going on with the Jets giving people “furloughs.”

A furlough is where the boss tells you not to come in, and by the way you won’t be paid.

I’d like some time off, but my mortgage company and the electric company insist on being paid, plus I like to feed my kids – so a furlough isn’t that attractive to me.

I’m a little frustrated because I meant to write this yesterday, but since I’m not yet making millions of The Mets Police sometimes I have to do real work when in the office.  Now I feel like I’m copying from Steve Politi in The Ledger , but he had similar thoughts.

The Jets snuck into the Saturday papers that they gave some folks some time off without pay.  Sixty working class folks just won’t be paid for two weeks.

Sorry about that guys, I hope the grocery store understands.

The VP for business says, “We’ve assembled a great deal of talent, and we’re at the crossroads of building our new stadium, so we didn’t want to be shortsighted.  To let people go and then rebuild the team didn’t make sense. It was important to keep as many jobs as possible.”

What?  You’re building a new stadium (that isn’t at all needed),   You’re signing players for millions of dollars, sending ticket invoices for 15 grand, selling PSL’s and you’re going to not pay the secretary for two weeks?

That same VP added “…our business is seasonal.”

Yep the poor NFL is seasonal, just like a bar on the boardwalk.  The commish himself, Roger Goodell, took a paycut which sounds nice until you keep reading and see he’ll only make $11 million this year.   Maybe he could make ten and let the secretaries stay.

I really don’t get it.   The league is acting as if they are the one’s having trouble making money – with a rock solid national TV contract, new stadiums, and the gall to send someone like you a $15,000 PSL invoice.   Pay that and then they’ll let you buy tickets.

Same Old Jets – Shame On Jets.  You deserve another fruitless year for this one.  Enjoy your new palace on Route 3.