Million Manny March 2 Draws 15 People

Newsday reports only 10 to 15 people attended the second Million Manny March.

Lack of promotion?

Omar’s comments the other day shut down everyone’s enthusiasm?

A sense that it just wouldn’t work?

People just can’t be bothered to go to Manhattan?

It will be very interesting to see where Manny lands.  I still see him playing on the wring side of 161st street very close to where the ghosts used to live.

More Reasons To Hate the WBC

So here’s another reason to hate the WBC.
On March 3rd, Team USA will play the Yankees.
So say you like Jeter.  Do you want them to get a hit?  Strike out?  Do you want your pitcher to gain confidence?  
If you are the Yankees pitcher, do you dare pitch inside to either of them?   What if you break Jeter’s arm?   Should a Yankee take him out on a double play, or just give USA an easy out?
Jeter says, “Hopefully, I won’t see any pitches inside.”
The Mets only play Team Italy.

(Note.  I cop to blowing it on the first version of this piece.  I mistakenly had A-Rod on team USA.  A-Rod was on team USA last time but this time he will play for the Dominican Republic.  Bad job outta me.  Guilty.  I do think A-Rod switching teams is a good topic for a rainy day.)

Get Paid To Write About The Mets

Not by me…by
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“Due to the volume of applications for each position, will only contact those applications who are selected to be interviewed.”

Bonds Hit More HRs Than Anyone & You Need To Accept That

Whether you like it or not, Barry Bonds holds the record for most home runs in a season and most home runs in a career.

Barry Bonds is baseball’s home run king.

Worry about whether or not Selig knew bonds was doing roids or not (that’s a piece by fellow Mets Policeman Cyclones Fan).

You can place Barry in the Hall of Infamy with Shoeless Joe and Pete Rose.   Personally I think Bonds & Rose should be in , I will pass judgment on Jackson because I didn’t see him play.

You can boo Barry when you see him on the street.  You can throw away your Bonds jersey.  You can erase your VCR tape of him hitting #73.  

You need to accept that he’s the King, and no asterisk or “voiding” of the record is going to change the fact that he hit more home runs than anyone.