(Video) Buying Steroids in the Dominican Republic

Enjoy this fine Newsday comment before Cablevision starts charging for content and we all just go elsewhere. (Maybe when they give up on that dream they’ll use the nice simple embedding technology that 95% of the world is using rather than this oversized version they use.)Here’s how easy it is for your cousin Yuri to buy steroids in he DR.www.metspolice.com

Hope You Enjoyed Spring, It Resumes March 23rd

Well Spring was fun while it lasted.   No not the snow, the WBC.

15 Mets out of camp.   Fifteen.

No small names.   OverReyes (always good to put him in a show-off environment), Wright, Delgado, and Beltran.

Wondering if Alex Cora can push Castillo?  You’ll have to wait.  Cora’s out of camp.

Wondering if Jerry can craft a bullpen?  So is Jerry, but he’ll have to do it without K-Rod, Putz, Feliciano and Figueroa.

I don’t get it.   Nobody cares about this thing, why have it?


When Strawberry Hit A Monster Home Run On Opening Day

Yesterday I mentioned how I’d like to time travel to 1983 and give Darryl Strawberry some steroids.

A quick google search turns up this gem:

Published: April 6, 1988
LEAD: Prof. Bob Moore of the Physics Department of McGill University calculated today that Darryl Strawberrys skyrocket home run on opening day would have carried about 525 feet if it hadnt struck the rim of lights just below the roof in Olympic Stadium.
If you click the link you’ll get the full story.
As absurd as it sounds I think 525 feet underestimates that shot.  It hit the top of Olympic Stadium and it looked like it was still on the way up.   Surely the most monstrous shot I’ve ever seen.
Look at this skinny man (found on flickr) – imagine if he had a cousin named Yuri what he might have accomplished.