Citi Building Drops The Name

Looks like midtown guys get it, whereas the Mets (as usual) don’t.  You know that building on 53rd with the slanted roof….

“It just doesn’t make sense to have it be called Citigroup Center anymore,” Robert Selsam, Boston Properties senior vice president in charge of its New York buildings, said at an October investor conference. “And frankly, we’re tired of the fact that every time Citibank has a problem all of the TV cameras come and photograph the Citigroup Center sign on the front of our building.”

Now the cameras can go to Corporate Bailout Taxpayer New Shea Stadium!

Rutgers Admits Stadium Expansion Idea Was Dopey

With alleged out of control athletic director Robert Mulchay relieved of his duties, Rutgers has decided to cut back on the silly stadium adventure.

A few years back Rutgers had one good season, and some cowboys decided to expand the stadium and do whatever it took to keep the coach.

Now Rutgers finds itself with an expansion that's too expensive to cancel. So the new end zone will have seats and bathrooms and that's all. No new locker room. No media center. No recruiting lounge.

You will get higher ticket prices ($40 to sit in the end zone!). You want a finished interior? Nope sorry.

How long until Coach Schiano, the man all this was built for, decides to leave? If he does leave will Rutgers ever make the Bowl again?

I can't say I didn't tell you so. Oh yeah, Rutgers (the state university of NJ) will borrow $72 to sort of complete Schiano Field. I wonder who winds up paying for that in the end.

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The K-Rod View From Out West: Racist Angels Fans?

So let’s cut to the chase.   There are a fair number of Mets fans who think that Omar likes to sign (only) ballplayers with Hispanic surnames.   I throw that out there and will get back to it in a minute.

I remember when the Jets signed Rich Kotite.  “Joe Fan’s” initial reaction was that Kotite was a good coach.   That day Mike & The Mad Dog were flooded by callers from Philly who laughed their arse off about how bad Kotite was and that the Jets had made a terrible mistake.   Mike, Mad Dog and I didn’t believe them.   We all know what a disaster that turned out to be.

The lesson there is to listen to the local fan.

Now I’ve gone on record saying K-Rod was a good signing and they needed to go get him.  He was the best closer out there and they blew enough games last year that even Doug Sisk at his worst would be an improvement.

However, it is a little troubling that the Angels let him go easily, and that Angels fans don’t seem to mind.   So let’s go to the local sports section , which brings us back to the issue of surname.  Jeff Miller wrote a piece in the OC Register titled “Angels Less Colorful Now Which Pleases Some”  (excerpts below)

With an absurd degree of silence, the Angels lost Francisco Rodriguez.
Stranger still, about the only sounds generated by this development have been certain fans — on talk radio and the Internet mostly — cheering his departure.
After saving 208 Angels victories, Rodriguez will be remembered for providing this kind of relief?
Shame on you, vocal minority.
We do believe it is a minority. We are sure most Angels fans are wiser than this. It doesn’t take a lot of smarts to appreciate a pitcher who has given a franchise three of its top four single-season save totals.
So what’s wrong with these people?
Part of it, no doubt, isn’t baseball at all. We know what it is. And so do you.
It’s that Rodriguez doesn’t look or talk like most people who sit in the stands at Angel Stadium. His skin is darker, his voice accented.
We aren’t saying it’s racism. It’s human nature, being comfortable with what’s most familiar.
And it’s too bad our society just can’t conquer this mountain. What a better place this would be if we could. All of us, together, as one.
Face it, Angels fans always will remember Tim Salmon’s final season more dearly than they will all of Vladimir Guerrero’s seasons here combined.
They embraced David Eckstein but only tolerated his replacement, the statistically equivalent Orlando Cabrera.
The Angels are not better today. They also are less colorful, both literally and figuratively.
It is one of the most interesting arrangements in all of sports, and one rarely noted. Here, in Orange County of all places, sits the professional sports team owned by a Latino and general managed by a black.
And now the Venezuelan closer is gone. This, by itself, makes certain people happy. They see their beloved team looking a little more like they do today.

Interesting stuff.   I’m not sure the feeling is all that different in Flushing some days.

Too Much Black In K-Rod Video

The Mets have posted a video of K-Rod touring Corporate Taxpayer Bailout new Shea Field (again don’t use the coporate name).   I’m seeing way too much black attire being worn.

I would share it with you but the Mets being the Mets have not embraced viral file-sharing technology so you will need to click this link.

Yankees & Mets No Better Than They Were Despite Pickups

(Full credit, this is a stolen premise from a friend.  He knows who he is.)

The Yankees got C.C.   Say he wins 20 games.  That just replaces Mussina’s 2008 output.  They are no better than they were.  In fact they are worse minus Pettitte and having no first baseman yet.

Say K-Rod saves a lot of games.   Wagner was doing fine.   The Mets are no better than they were the day before Wagner got hurt.  In fact they are worse because they don’t have Ollie Perez in the rotation.

Fun pickups, but plenty more to do guys.