The Curse Of 17

Absurd Curse Week continues here at Mets Police.

Today’s curse is not based upon Bob Murphy , Gary Cohen or even Lee Mazzilli.

I’m here to tell you about the curse of 17.

Mets and 17.  Who did you think of?

Was it Jeff McKnight or Brett Mayne?  Luis Lopez perhaps?

Was it Saturo Komiyama?   Dae-Sun Koo?

Maybe Jason Anderson?

These are the folks that have been allowed to wear the number of The Captain, Keith Hernandez.

The new park honors a bailed out bank, has a big giant soda logo in right, but nowhere on the fence is a 17.

This year, once again a journeyman ballplayer will be allowed to wear Keith’s number.

This from a franchise that think it’s the Dodgers, and protects the number of one of the great San Francisco Giants of all time.

You can be on 8 teams in 10 years and ask the Mets for #17 and they will hand it to you.

Keith last wore the 17 in 1989.   The last time the Mets won a series Keith was wearing the number.

It’s time to hang the 17 on the fence and have Keith Hernandez day.

It’s a new park.  Let’s start some new traditions and start a new culture that respects the history of the Mets, not teams that split town 50 years ago.

End the Curse.  Retire #17.

(Thanks Mets By The Numbers for the awesome database).

Devils Ruthlessly End Goalie Controversy

There had been some question among fans who the first place Devils would or should start in goal once future Hall of Famer Marty Brodeur came back from injury.
The Devils shut the door shut – hard – on that one.
Brodeur has been activated and former starting goalie Scott Clemmonsen sent to the AHL!  Hey Scott thanks for going 25 and 13….enjoy Lowell.
I’m sure there’s all sorts of hockey and roster reasons this makes sense, but ouch and don’t let the door hit you on the mask on your way out.

More About Yankees Relocation

.  Neil Best in Newsday discusses today that Yankee fans don’t like their new seats.

Joe Lopes, 54, of Glen Head said his Saturday-only seats down the leftfield line for the past decade were downgraded to bleacher seats, some of which have obstructed views in the new stadium.

Anthony LaMirata of Oceanside said his Sunday seats in the second row of the upper deck became seats two rows from the top of the stadium — on weekdays.

You can also read about relocation here or here or here.

Kansas City Islanders: No Way Lighthouse Gets Built Like This

Sorry to make you click an extra link but Newsday’s embed code for this story isn’t liking me today.

Take a look at this video at what Charles Wang wants to build for the Islanders.

There’s no way in a billion years that’s ever getting built.  Oh maybe he gets an arena out of this, but whatever I’m looking at with a minor league baseball stadium (?) and an artificial lake or whatever that water is – good luck.

If anyone from Kansas City is reading this, you might want to show up at the exhibition game this fall.

In an interview before yesterday’s Hempstead Town board meeting, Wang was asked if scheduling the Islanders for a September exhibition game in Kansas City, Mo., had been a subtle way of getting the county to take action on the Lighthouse Project – and therefore a new Nassau Coliseum. “I don’t think it was that subtle,” he said.

Newsday’s full story is here.