How To Build A Mets Team Fans Will Actually Like (Part 1)

Santana.  Everyone loves him.  Signed.  Clutch.  Stays.

Maine.  Everyone loves him.  Signed.  Stays.

Perez.   Good enough.  Sign him.

Pedro.   4 Innings Ain’t Enough.  Later gator.

Pelfrey.  Who knew?   Obvious keeper.

All bullpen.  Anyone who did not start a game and was a pitcher.   Hang them at dawn.

Delgado.  Option.  Pick-up and Trade.  Yes I said pick-up and trade.  He nearly got lynched in April.   Get him out of here now before the posse regathers.

Castillo.    Pariah.  Must Go.

Reyes.   Everyone but me likes him.  Fine, I’ll go with the flow.

Wright.   Duh.

Murphy.   Probably the fifth most popular man on the team by the end of the year.   Hopefully the Minayans understand it.

Evans.   Not that good.  People love him.  Keep.

Chavez.  Not that good.  People love him.  Keep.

Beltran.  Really not that loved.  Really not that good.   I bet deep down Mets fans would rather have a bunch of these no name guys the Philles have.    Let’s move Beltran out.

Church.   Was a nice story for a while.  So was Nady.   So will the next guy be.

Catcher.   There’s like seven of them.  Nobody cares.  Don’t need em.

In the next installment….who they should add.

Hey Rutgers How’s That New Stadium Coming?

I guess it's a good thing that Rutgers decided to waste millions of dollars expanding the football stadium because people aren't going to be able to see the games on tv.

ESPN has told the school (and SNY who gets the feed from ESPN) that this weeks game will be on ESPNU (check your cable system. Correct, you likely don't get it) and the game against Pitt won't be televised at all.

Schiano had one good season and there was about a 10 minute period where people were all hopped up about Rutgers. I particularly remember some frontrunners telling me they were going out for whatever that big Thursday night game was that year.

Of course Rutgers spit the bit. Then the coach bluffed that he was leaving so the school gave him even more money. Now they are 1 and 5 and the games aren't even on tv which puts Rutgers football below Manhattan basketball on the local sports radar.

Enjoy the new stadium. Parents let me know what it's like to write that tuition check while Schiano enjoys his fancy house.

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The Mets Have Returned My Money

I would like to thank the Mets for finally returning my money.

Took two weeks but my playoff ticket money was refunded.

It should have been done the first day.

Daily News Buys Propoganda But Doesn’t Ask WHY A New Stadium?

Flipping through the News this morning I saw this nonsense:

Giants and Jets owners say they had no choice with pricey PSLs 

Really?   That’s interesting.  No choice huh?  Let me read more…

Mara says that the Giants would have been unable to avoid the PSL program even if they had known how severe the financial crisis would become. “That program is necessary to complete the construction of the new stadium,” he says.

Oh.  Interesting.  The PSLs fund the new stadium.

The question nobody answers, and the question the mainstream media continues not to ask is:


Show me one fan, Giants or Jets, who had a problem with the “old” stadium.   Any complaints are related to parking (especially since construction started on the Xanadu boondogle).   It’s hard to get their on mass transit, more so now that they made it a two seat ride.     Building a new stadium in the exact same place solves none of these issues.

The Giants are…let me check….undefeated and the Super Bowl champions.   The Jets were able to get this Brett Favre guy.   The NFL still has revenue sharing and a pretty good TV contract.

You wanted to make even more money.

You wanted to make even more money.

You wanted to make even more money.

Be honest when sending out those $20,000 invoices.