Corporate Taxpayer Bailout Field: Where Home Runs Go To Die (Link)

A tip of the Mets hat (blue of course) to Amazin’ Avenue for this really cool piece about Corporate Taxpayer Bailout Field being the place where home runs go to die.

It’s going to be really weird being in a new ballpark.  I bought tix to 30 games yesterday and fellow Mets Policeman Osh41 asked me how my seats are….I don’t know.   I can tell you the section (5-somethings, I’m not rich like you) but I don’t know what that means.  You tell me “Uppers Section 1” at Shea and I know what you mean….section 5something means nothing to me yet.  I don’t even know if I’ll be in the sun on the typically cold Opening Day, oh that’s right it’s a NIGHT GAME, thanks for that one Mets.  Nice head.

Speaking of Corporate Taxpayer Bailout Field, if you have 17 hours you can kill a lot of time reading this discussion thread and looking at the pictures of That Field.

Opening Day 1982 Home Video

So once again no news in Mets land.   I found this and have been saving it for a rainy day. 

Skip about 2:30 in, and enjoy the vintage home video. The fans are kind of annoying but the video is worth it.

NYC Drops The Arrogance: Doesn’t Need Skyboxes

Yay sometimes the good guys win.

From the Boston Herald:

State Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, who accuses the city of conducting the stadium negotiations behind closed doors, said the Bloomberg administration is clearly worried about how it looks to be haggling over luxury boxes now that the city is grappling with dramatic budget cuts, job losses and tax hikes.

“This whole thing has been an embarrassment,” Brodsky said. “I think they were scared about the public reaction to this entire fiasco.”

The luxury box deal was announced as the city and teams prepare for a public hearing next week to discuss additional support for the stadium projects.

Now if only the teams will stop asking for more money.  Puh-leeze.  When the Mets are asking for more bond money they can let everyone know what the $40 “order charge” on my tickets went for.

The Yankees are asking for another $259 million in tax-exempt bonds and $111 million in taxable bonds, on top of $940 million in tax-exempt bonds and $25 million in taxable bonds already granted for its $1.3 billion Bronx stadium.

The Mets are requesting an additional $83 million, after the $615 million already approved for their $800 million Queens park.

Mets Delivery & Order Charges

I know I’m spitting in the wind here but I ordered my tickets today and being the Mets Police I just have to mention the lame fees they tack on.
“Delivery Charge”  $25.    I guess they want me to pay the FedEx.  Ok fine.
“Order Charge” $40.
What exactly is an order charge?   I did it over the internet.   Did I use $40 worth of microprocessing?
It isn’t just the Mets that do this, it’s every team every sprt and every concert but it’s still wrong.