Atlanta Laughs At You, Me, Omar, Fred & Willie

Among the things the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote that will annoy you:

For 2 1/4 seasons the Mets have acted as if they’re the National League’s best team, but the cold truth is that they haven’t been anything special since 2006. They fell to historic pieces last fall — 12 losses in their final 17 games — and this year, when they are supposed to prove that collapse was an epic fluke, they’ve proved only that they’re both overheated and undermanaged.

And here, not for the first or even the hundredth time, we see why the Braves remain the gold standard of communal harmony. They don’t throw 25 players together without consideration for compatibility. (Remember when Sports Illustrated hailed Mets GM Omar Minaya as a “Mixmaster”?) The manager never creates problems; he defuses them. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in 30 years of hanging around clubhouses, it’s that mood absolutely matters.

Torre Surfs The Willie Watch

“It’s a tough market,” Torre said. “Willie is a good man, he’s had success as a player and a manager. Unfortunately, with what happened last year, he’s having to endure some things tough to endure.

“People get caught up on both sides of the equation. He’s under a great deal of pressure, as is [Yankees manager] Joe Girardi, as was I [for 12 years as the Yankees manager]. Maybe you’re not as well-rested one day and you get a little cranky.”

I like Joe’s new commercial that was on during Idol – Joe adjusting to life in LA – but I can’t find it online to share.

The Curse Of The Shaved Heads?

I don’t wanna steal anyone’s work – but I do want to publicize. Check out the shaved heads theory at

(and hey everyone, just add a LINK THIS to your pages.)

MLB To Speed Up Games

The Commish said to enforce the rules. We’ll see. I think we’re all in favor of it.

Umpires should urge batters to approach the plate from the on-deck circle and enter the batter’s box more quickly, enforcing rules such as issuing an automatic strike to batters who linger outside the box.

In bases-empty situations, pitchers should be warned if they don’t pitch within a 12-second time limit. Pitchers will be called for a ball for each subsequent violation.
Some more suggestions: No games will be broadcast on Fox ever. Sunday Night Baseball starts at 7pm.

Willie Watch: Wilpons Don’t Return His Calls?

Howie Rose mentioned in the first inning that Willie said the Wilpons wouldn’t return his calls. VERY interesting.

Good stuff out of the SNY guys last night – Keith said he wanted to be a Dodger but that his father convinced him to stay with the 1984 Mets because Hernandez Senior had watched minor league games and thought the Mets had some good prospects coming.

WCBS lead news story this morning is will Willie go.

Wouldn’t shock me if there’s a press conference at Shea on Tuesday. Wouldn’t shick me if acting manager Jerry Manuel manages Monday night.

And since I have nothing to add that I haven’t said 50 times (fire Willie, hire Mazzilli) I’ll leave you with a link which is obviously a farce: Girardi is no more of a Met than Willie.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly….The Mets!: For Your Perusal…. A WATP!