Niese Is The Word

Been waiting all year to write that headline.  Looks like September 2nd is the day my new favorite Met joins the team.

Look at the extension on that left arm.

More home grown Mets!  Less Braves, Dodgers and Red Socks.  I love it!

Four Reasons The Mets Shouldn’t Worry About Pelfrey’s Innings Count

A week ago the talk was of limiting Mike Pelfrey’s innings.  One John Maine injury later and suddenly Pelfrey’s long term health doesn’t seem to matter.   The Mets need a consistent policy, so I will provide it for them.   Go for it…..

Four Reasons The Mets Shouldn’t Worry About Pelfrey’s Innings Count

1.  Dwight Gooden.   Mets Police have always been troubled by the Mets tinkering with the young Gooden.  They wanted him to throw fewer pitches.  The plan was so he could pitch into his 40s.   Yeah the drugs had something to do with it – but he wound up having arm problems anyway.   If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.   24-4 was pretty good, leave it alone.

2.  The Joba rules.   The NYY’s tried to nurse their young guy.  He wound up with arm problems anyway.

3.  Did arm problems exist before last year?    Tom Seaver threw 1000 innings in his first 4 years.  2000 in his first 8.  I never heard of this “max innings” nonsense until last year.   We watch little leaguers pitch from March to August and we’re going to worry about Mike Pelfrey?

4.  You have to go for it when you have the chance.   As Mets fans know, you can easily go a long time between playoff appearances.  Pelfrey is the Mets ace, and they have a half game lead.   The division is there for the taking – you have to take the shot.

Three Reasons Mets Police Accept The Jets PSL plan

Three reasons the Mets Police accept Woody Johnson’s peace offering:

1.  We weren’t going to win this one.  Sometimes you have to settle.  There was no way the Jets would go PSL-free after the Giants went whole hog.

2.  Woody met us half way.  Sure the Jets are going to make a mint for no reason, like the Giants, but at least there’s enough of an effort here to look us in the eye and say he threw us a bone.   Which he did.  Yes this sucks, but it only sucks half as bad as the Giants.

3.  “The little guy” didn’t get screwed.  Do I feel bad for folks that have had seats forever in the lower decks?  Of course I do.  At least they have the opportunity to move upstairs.  No you can’t sit down low, but you probably don’t fly first class either, and no you can’t have a beach house.  The rich get access, the blue collar guy doesn’t.  It’s the way of the world.

Giants ownership – are you willing to be as halfway honorable as the Jets?

Castillo For Maine is A Bad Trade

If I offered you Luis Castillo for John Maine you would laugh at me. Well today the Mets gained Castillo and lost John Maine to the DL. That’s not good. The starting pitching is sketchy and the bullpen is worse. Not much they can do about either. This looks like a “hang on and hope” type playoff run. Big series in Philly this week.

Might we finally see Jon Niese?

Final Nominees For "Dopiest Moments In Shea Stadium History"

It’s a slow day so here ya go – the nominations for the

Dopiest Moment In Shea Stadium History. Vote right here at by clicking the vote on the left or just adding your comments below.

The final result will be revealed at 1pm on September 28th unless ESPN makes me move the announcement to 8pm. Or if they do something so stupid that last day.

1. Dykstra and McDowell traded for Juan Samuel.

I still remember where I was when I heard about this trade on the radio. I thought the Mets were insane. I was right. The Phillies thank you for their playoff run.

2. The Mercury Mets uniforms.

Teams with integrity refused to go along with this promotion. Some, like the Braves were like “fine we’ll wear silver.” The Mets went out of their way to look hideous. Expect the Mets to leave Citi Field after the 2020 season for their new home on Mercury.

3. Not protecting Tom Seaver in 1984.

We were young and naive and didn’t realize Tom doesn’t love us the way we love Tom. The Franchise was back, and they left him unprotected to go win his 300th game with the Chisox, and to stand in the opposing dugout in 1986.

4. Swoosh Jerseys (The Underlined Ones)

Emblematic of a franchise with no clue. There was nothing wrong with a Mets uniform, yet they kept tinkering and tinkering. Racing stripes, fake Yankee road uniforms, bizarre road script….these ugly swoosh jerseys….white hats, black hats. What was wrong with what they wore in April 1962? Of all the dopey things they’ve worn, this is up there – depends on if you hate Mercury more.

5. Signing Bobby Bonilla….Twice!

Another example of a franchise that does not understand the fan base. Bonilla was one of the most hated Mets of all time, so what do they do – they bring him back for round two, Guess what, we still hated him. The mistake the first time was the same problem I had with Glavine – beat them don’t sign them.

6. The Jets leave for New Jersey…because of bathrooms?

Of all the lame reasons the Jets could have given for wanting to spend two decades in Giants Stadium, they claimed the bathrooms at Shea were lousy. Sure they could have complained about always being on the road in September or a hundred other things, but they went for bathrooms. Twenty years later you’ll get to pay for a personal bathroom license. I bet Shea would look good to a lot of you right about now.