No Rain

Ok I will eat the humble pie.  The Mets had nice weather after all.

However, that doesn’t change my feeling that it would be more courteous to cancel games when the weather forecast is horrible so that people can best plan their day.

It’s Raining

If anyone in Flushing checks out the Mets Police, you may want to check out

I know it's fun to collect parking revenue but it's also rude.

Nobody wants to sit at Shea today even if you marketed the heck out of this game (not sold out hmmmm). Nobody wants to sit at Shea even if there's a three hour fantasy window you know about.

You know who goes to 12:10 starts? Daycamps. One can only assume the Mets like making kids sit in the rain.

I see Fred Wilpon admitted the Mets screwed up the Willie firing. Maybe he can admit all the other goofball things as part of the "Dopiest Moments In Shea History" – then I can retire the blog.

They won. OverReyes homered. Back tied for first. Move on from Santanagate it will consume your lifeforce.

I am sad to hear Pedro Martinez's father passed away. There's blogger chopbusting and real life. Be with your family.

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Lord Stanley’s Travels

The Sporting News did a complete makeover today – now it’s an, i dunno, e-paper. Sort of like The National but via email. i liked it a lot, and they make it easy to share things so here goes one:

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July 23, 2008

Click the box and it will take you there.

Jerry: Jose Is Young And Forgetful

Heard Jerry this afternoon with Mike Francesca.

Jerry was talking about Jose Reyes and basically said (my words) Jose spaces out sometimes as young players do.

That’s nice except one thing.  This is Jose’s 6th season.  In 2000 Jeter was in his 6th season (5th full season) and about to win his fourth ring.  This young player thing doesn’t hold water.  Apparently young players can learn the game and stay focused.

So you’re saying, “Mets Police.  This is unfair.  Jose is only 25.  OK fine – that would be like Jeter in 1999, on his way to win a third ring.

At some point this young player thing expires and it’s time to admit he’s a flawed player.  The Mets marketing would like you to believe he’s the goods.  He’s not.  He’s good but not the goods.  He’s homegrown and not a Brave or Red Sock or Dodger so that’s a major bonus – I’d rather lose with the homegrowns than win with Rentals.

However, I warn you – he’s a Cylon.  Some day, in a clutch spot with everything on the line, he’s going to do something stupid.  Not strike out or make an error, that stuff happens, but something stupid.