Put Shep In the Hall

If Peter Gammons is in the Baseball Hall of Fame why isn’t Bob Sheppard? The iconic voice of baseball stadiums for over 50 years. Honor him while he’s still around to appreciate the honor.


Nothing to complain about so far this weekend. Nice job Mets.

Ugly Mets Attire Vol. 1

The Mets didn’t do anything stupid or annoying yesterday….well they did claim there were 47,000+ in the ballpark which we all know isn’t true, but they were clutch in the 8th and won in extra innings so why give them a hard time.
Welcome to the first installment of Ugly Mets Attire.
Why on Earth is this hat being sold, and who on earth would actually wear it?

Front Row Leaners

You’re in the front row. You don’t need to lean forward.
These are the same people that make everyone stand at concerts.

46,106 Exposed

Mets are you sure this is 46,106? Yes I know the NL announces paid attendance, but when WFAN reports “in front of 46,000” I have to call you on it.