No Shep at All Star Game

Very sad to see that Bob Sheppard has told the Yankees he will not be able to return for the All Star Game. Best wishes to you Mr. Sheppard.

Fake mustaches? Really? If the Mets had done something like that I’d have 50 posts about it. Next time someone brings up ‘tradition’ remind them of this.

Mets are rocking. I worry today would be a loss they’d be ok with. Weekday day game, been playing well, it’s just one game. Don’t go there – the formerly NY Giants are the walking dead, it’s time to go on a big run. Show up today gangstas.

Amazing Mystery of The New York Giants (Part 2)

Yesterday we told you about a rumored baseball team that called itself “The New York Giants.”   We here at the Mets Police do not believe this team actually existed, because if they did, surely the Mets would not have totally ignored them while constructing Citifield.

However, some do believe, and are going at great lengths to perpetuate this fraud.

Look at this carefully created World Series program from 1954.   Are we really supposed to believe that this alleged “New York Giants” won the World Series in 1954, and they are never ever mentioned in the new Citifield design?  

Are we really to believe the Mets NY logo is not really their own, but borrowed from these alleged ancestors?

Next, look at this pennant.   Again, another phony trying to trick us into believing there was ever such a team in New York.

This photo on the left alledges to be of Willie Mays.  All Mets fans know that Willie was an old outfielder with bad legs, surely not someone to be honored at a ballpark.  Some claim he hit 660 home runs.  Ridiculous!  Everyone knows he only hit 14 as a part-time player in two seasons.

Finally we have this relic, recently uncovered by famous archaeologist Indiana Jones.  It was found near the site of the former Mets stadium, the Polo Grounds.   If it said Mets I might consider it to be authentic, but since it says Giants it has to be be part of this conspiracy.

This is all very silly.   The only team that played in New York before the Mets were the Dodgers, and as everyone knows they folded in 1957 and there is no place on earth where the Dodgers legacy can be honored.    Thank goodness we have Fred Wilpon looking out for the defunct Dodgers, and thank heavens the Mets do not fall for this “New York Giants” unicorn-like nonsense. 

Mets Guy in Michigan: If Bob Klapisch ran the All-Star Game

I dig the Mets Guy in Michigan. He brings it in this great sarcastic Yankee post.

Mets Guy in Michigan: If Bob Klapisch ran the All-Star Game

Among the sarcastic suggestions for the All Star Game….

All opposing players must wear No. 26 in tribute to the 26 world championships the Yankees have won. Did you know they’ve won 26 world championships? That’s right, 26. This will be mentioned over the loud speakers between each half-inning, which is only slightly more frequently than normal. I repeat, 26 world championships. But don’t mention that they’ve lost the last two World Series they’ve appeared in to expansion teams.

Speaking of the Yankees – I’m rooting for them to sweep the Rays. I like watching playoff baseball and I hope the Yankees are there. I’d like to see the Rays make it too, that would be cute. And Torre just so he can be righteous. Boston can stay home.