Hey Steve Cohen (thanks for reading) the Mets need stability, don’t dismiss Buck Showalter

Hey Steve, I appreciate you reading Mets Police.

So look….I see the Buck rumors.  Don’t you think this franchise needs SOME stability?  Yes I get that Stearns will wanna bring in his guy whoever that is…but you’re the boss.  You can act like you stay out of baseball decisions but I am confident if Stearns said “Curt Schilling is the new manager!” you would weigh in.

Last  year everyone loved Buck and we talked about how nice it was to have a pro.

You followed the team during Rojas and Mickey Hodges right?  Do you wanna do that again?

Stay the course Steve.

Otherwise we’re gonna do this….

….and that’s just silly.  You and Stearns will stand next to the new young hotshot who understands today’s players.  That isn’t gonna work either, and you’ll have 8 years left on the albatross deal you’re gonna give Vulgar Pete.

Then after that disaster you’ll wind up paying Bochy or Bob Melvin or someone like that, and we will be right where we are today.

Buck isn’t the problem.

You can do your George Steinbrenner Karaoke thing when you extend Pete….oh wait, Luke Skywalker has a message….

….where as I…oh yeah you can do your Steinbrenner Uncle Steve act and extend Pete and you’ll be loved.  That’s what this is about, right?  I mean, I am gonna ruin you for it for another decade because it’s a mistake….but hey it’s coming isn’t it.

So enjoy the Uncle Steve love from the Pete Mistake….but don’t compound it with a managerial change.  Stearns will still take your money, he’ll get over it.


Mets pretend they liked Daniel Murphy, who is throwing out 1st pitch Friday

This cracks me up.  NOW the Mets like Daniel Murphy? The guy the media tried to run out of town because Ike Davis was going to be Don Mattingly?

The guy that switched positions to help the team, got hurt doing it, and then caught guff for not being good enough at it?

The guy that Baseball Expert Gary Cohen WHO GETS PAID TO WATCH BASEBALL called a “Net Negative” – Murph carried October 2015 and then almost won an MVP in Washington.

The guy YOU dear reader were ready to bury because the Mets called up Jordanny Valdespin who looked OK at baseball for 5 minutes?

Suddenly everyone loves Daniel Murphy?

At least Jay Horwitz gets it.  Jay wrote..

I am hoping Daniel Murphy get one last ovation from the Mets fans this Friday when he throws out the first pitch before our game with the Philadelphia Phillies. Boy, does he deserve it.

He gave his heart and soul to our organization for eight years. Murph plowed through various leg, hamstring and knee injuries. He played four different positions (first base, second, third and left field) and was always ready to move around the field whenever the need came up.

If you’re wondering I will go to see the last player I cared about?  Nope.  Baseball is this to me…

If Steve Cohen’s brand is players that openly dislike fans, and stupid black uniforms….then nobody in Queens wants me anyway.  Enjoy your new fans Steve, I am sure they will fill the place for you.

Murph looks into crowd, wonders why the section is half empty.,

Oh, and T-Shirt Army….it’s not a religious holiday this weekend that I know of, let me know this weekend’s excuse for the half empty section. #LOYAL to the last out, unless we’re under .500 and it’s an NFL Sunday.  We’ll see….

Baseball Is Back Baby….well except for the back part

Hey remember the whole Baseball is Back Thing and I stuck to my guns and said oh no it isn’t.  Well, the Sports Buisness Journal writes…

I would have bet good money that MLB viewership numbers this season would be through the roof. The league implemented rule changes shortening the length of games that have been widely praised.

But viewership numbers from ESPN and Fox have not followed suit.

Fox games averaged 1.89 million viewers with regional windows on Saturdays and some Thursdays. That figure is 10% lower than MLB viewership on the broadcast network last season. FS1 games averaged 278,000 viewers, the channel’s lowest average since it started carrying games. (via Sports Business Journal)

I can fire off some reasons…in no particular order

Baseball has no superstars. Right now Travis Kelce is way more famous than anyone in baseball.

Baseball has some potential (non-Super) stars but they all play in Pacific.

Ohtani was the best hope but now that he won’t pitch in 2024 he’s just a dude that hits home runs.

30 years of late night playoff gams meant that two generations grew up not caring.

They waited 10 years too long to tweak the rules.

Openers.  Faceless middle relief.

The Baseball Mafia can come at me all they want with whatever they have (Mariners attendance is up!) but in a few weeks we will see just how much America wants to see the Twins and Mariners and Rays and Marlins.  Good luck baseball!


Today’s Mets game moved to 6pm thanks for buying tickets

The home town Phillies would like you to know the game will start at 6:05pm which is better than making you sit in the rain for 5 hours but still makes me wonder why anyone every buys tickets to sporting events in advance, or at all.

Luckily the Mets are off tomorrow to recover from having to travel from Philadelphia to NYC.   I was worried Gary Cohen would be tired.

Based on multiple weather forecasts, rain is anticipated to continue to be in the Philadelphia area throughout the morning and early afternoon on Sunday, September 24. In hopes of avoiding an extended rain delay or postponement, Sunday’s Phillies-Mets game has been moved from 1:05 p.m. to 6:05 p.m.

All gates will open at 4:35 p.m. The game will feature prizes and surprises as part of Fan Appreciation Day. All fans 15 and over will receive a 2024 Schedule Magnet presented by Valley Forge Tourism.

For this last-minute time change and in recognition of Fan Appreciation Day, fans who purchased tickets for Sunday’s game will receive a special ticket offer in February 2024 for an April 2024 game.

Please email [email protected] or call 215-463-1000 with any questions.

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