Stray Thoughts


Had a busy day but here’s some stray thoughts

Remember that time Steve got rid of the Mets museum but nobody on the Mets Hall Committee said anything publicly that I aware of?

Gary Cohen giving a speech really isn’t that interesting, but I guess it was just SNY covering it and nobody does care.

Does this manager not realize the season is lost or is he just a rah rah guy?



Time out on the revisionist Darryl Strawberry loved the Mets story being sold

Time out.

The Mets and Straw are spinning tales of love as we get closer to the team retiring 18.  I understand Darryl is older now, has changed his ways, is enlightened and all that.  Great. Awesome.

Let’s not forget that it’s not like we woke up one day and were stunned that he had headed off to LA.  It was “known” that he wanted to be a Dodger well before November of 1990 rolled around.

November 1, 1990 via The Daily Press

Darryl Strawberry’s agent has met with the Los Angeles Dodgers and said the outfielder would sign without seeking other bids if the Dodgers agree to pay him a Jose Canseco-type contract, sources said.

The agent also said Strawberry has told Dodger Manager Tom Lasorda that he wants to play here so much, he would move from right field to center field if necessary. That would enable the Dodgers to sign him without being forced to move Hubie Brooks or Kal Daniels, and could result in one of baseball’s best hitting outfields.

“Darryl and I both expressed a great deal of interest in him playing for the L.A. Dodgers,” Eric Goldschmidt, Strawberry’s agent, said.

Goldschmidt would not elaborate on Tuesday’s meeting with Vice President Fred Claire and attorney Bob Walker. But he noted: “Darryl has told Tommy that he will play center field or right field. He told him he would do whatever the manager wanted him to do.”

Until recently, Strawberry has publicly wavered on whether he wanted to join the Dodgers or return to the New York Mets. He has appeared in seven All-Star games in his eight big league seasons and has averaged 31 home runs and 91 runs batted in per season.

Under free-agent guidelines, the Dodgers cannot begin talking contract terms with Strawberry until Monday. He will be seeking a deal similar to the five-year, $23.5 million contract signed by the Oakland Athletics’ Jose Canseco.

November 9, 1990 via LA Times

Said Strawberry: “I didn’t want to fly all over the country and get in a bidding war. I wanted to be with a winner, which the Dodgers have always been. I wanted to come home. I mean, people talk about the pressure of playing at home, but after going through what I went through in New York, nothing can be as bad as that.

“The pressure and expectations, the feeling the media created that every time the club failed it was because of me, took all the fun out of it. Now I feel that the fun is just beginning, that my career is just beginning. I think you’ll see Darryl Strawberry take his game to new levels. There’s no telling what I might produce. I’ve come here to help the Dodgers win a championship.”

So welcome home Darryl.  Retire 18 and all that.  But let’s stop trying to sell a story that isn’t true.  You didn’t want to be here.

Mets co-owner Steve Cohen meant to DM not tweet!

A phrase I will rarely say is “Good job Andy Martino” but “Good job Andy Martino” (who knows why you don’t like Luis Castillo).  Also while things are being weird…good job SNY.  I know, right?

If my memory works, the deleted tweet may have said something about ‘not much you can do until the deadline.”


From SNY

Naturally, I called Mets owner Steve Cohen this morning to ask about the tweet that he posted and deleted last night during the Mets loss in Philadelphia.

Cohen was flabbergasted by the interpretation spreading online that he was hinting at the team becoming trade deadline sellers.

“All in the future, not much we can do until the trade deadline,” Cohen wrote in response to a fan last night.

Cohen told me that he had actually meant to send a direct message, which he occasionally does when interacting. More importantly, he said he was not in any way indicating that the Mets will become sellers. (via SNY)

Anyway, Nathan Thurm, a spokesperson for the Mets said, “We aren’t selling.  Why would you say that?  I never said that. Steve didn’t say that. Maybe it’s you that’s selling, did you ever think of that?”

I agree with Mr. Thurm, because other than Pete Alonso, what exactly is there to trade,  You signed Lindor for half a century, and Nimmo is an actual keeper.   I guess you could move Sugar Diaz, but then what happens to that snazzy light show.

Anyway, great job as always Steve. It’s good that the Wilpons are gone. You and Alex are nailing this ownership thing, and the marketing has been on point.

Mets Suite: $30,000 plus $28 in fees

On my travels on the interwebs this morning I was served an ad for the Mets Suites.

I suspect that demand for Mets tickets is low, so I decided to see if I could get a quote for a SATURDAY in JULY against THE BRAVES.   

So, I don’t want to hear about how school isn’t out yet, or the weather, or how people are watching the Knicks and Rangers.  This isn’t Tuesday night against the Marlins.

I think my favorite part of the $30,000 suite is that they tag on $28 in fees instead of just eating the fees.   Even f you had $30K, don’t the fees make you want to tell the Mets to go Alonso themselves?

OK, how about a cheaper box?  Here’s where it gets funnier.  This box is “only” $15,000 and the fees have gone down…..from $28 to….wait for it…$27.

I am not an expert in Suitenomics.   Why are the fees a dollar less?  Does the maid get a $1 tip for the $30,000 box?  Do the electrons cost a dollar more to process a larger transaction?  What are these fees even covering????