Live at asg parade 6

Rollie Fingers in good spirits

Rod Carew. Gossage. All famers in good mood so i'll stop mentioning that, dont assume any slight if i dont

Tony Gwynn

Wade Boggs and Eddie Murray

Harmon killebrew and al kaline – nobody knows them

Gary carter, he who wants jerrys job, do the fans love him…….bob gibson gets bigger ovation (they rode together)

Steve Carlton and Tony Perez (a very underrated player)

Another break

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Live at parade 5

Bob Feller smiling

Yogi Berra clearly not on steroids and Whitey Ford.

Biggest ovation, mostly yogi – was hard to see whitey

So other young associate is here – i say you didnt even notice whitey ford – he says he pitched a perfect game in the 1956 world series. I berated him.

Fergie jekins talked to us. Cool guy.

Dick williams

Ozzie smith tells us he needs a trampoline to flip

Lou brock

Paul monitor and robin yount cool guys.

Lasorda big ovation

Jim palmer looks great

George brett

Great fun. Another gap now

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Live at parade 4

Dave Winfield in the back of a pickup tells crowd 'everyone is so behaved and quiet.'

Younger associate doesn't know who Winfield is

Now Orlando Cepeda (very friendly) and Gaylord Perry (facing other way)

Phil neikro and a friendly bruce sutter.

A handsome eck with a very pretty presumably mrs eckersley.


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Live at parade 3

First up the nypd marching band plays 'take me out to the ballgame'. Very cool.

2nd some kids in asg uniforms

Both groups have turned left onto 51st which stinks if you're uptown on the carpet.

Weather is awesome. Another lull. There was good vibe now lost (but will come back)

Crowd compares to st. Patricks day parade up in the 80s. Two deep, nothing nuts.

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Parade Live 2

More mascots:

Tampa Bay Raymond

Indians Purple Guy – he's working it

I've decided i like 'the Astros Rabbit" Junction Jack

Rockies purple dinosaur guy

A lull now as we wait for cars.

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