Live from ASG Parade

I'm at the parade as Clark Kent but will sneak in some posts. Good enegy here, not an amazing crowd (expecting 1 million???) but jazzed.

Camped out as mascots pass out trinkets. I like not knowing the proper names but so far we've seen

Mr. Met
Bernie Brewer
Nationals Eagle
Twins Bear
Padres Padre
Giants Lou Seal
RedSox Green Dude #97
Diamondbacks Baxter (huh?)
And now Astros Bunny

More to come

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Put Keith In The Hall Of Garvey!

Ok now that I’ve got your attention – the Hall of Garvey is something I invented a few years back. It’s a place for really good players who ain’t Hall of Famers.

Steve Garvey was the inaugural inductee.

Other names frequently nominated include Don Mattingly and Keith Hernandez. This week a friend suggested Gooden.

What say ye? Is Keith worthy of the HOG? Any other nominations?

I Love The All Star Game

I know a lot of people don’t, but I love it. I especially love the pregame ceremonies and the intros.

The Ted Williams year – awesome.

Ripken returns to short.

Kruk turns around against Randy Johnson.

Staying up late to see the one 70s Met in the game (Mazzilli or Stearns).

Lee Mazzilli homering in an ASG!

Can’t wait for this one and hoping for a ticket to fall from the sky today.

It’s The Pitching Stupid

This run has been absolutely, well, amazing. I don't think anyone doubts the change in managers was for the better – but how about the change in pitching coaches.

I mean if we're going to hang people when the team sucks, lets have some applause for a great bullpen and suddenly a guy named Pelfrey is acting like an ace. What a nice long term bonus that would be if he could keep it up.

I think the break comes at a good time. You're going to lose some games sooner or later – this way you have the 9 in the bank (wow) and give the Phillies something to think about for a week.

Great job feasting on bad teams – that's something the Mets lacked earlier in the year. If my memory serves me right the schedule says Washington quite often near the end.

Meanwhile in the AL I take my eyes off the Rays for a few days, even rooted against them when they played New York, and look what happened – a complete freefall. Not even in first place. I hope they regroup, it's a nice story. Baseball will be better for it. A season of Boston and Yankees winning with the Rays in third just doesn't have the resonance. I'm hoping for Boston to collapse for those wondering.

You teenagers enjoy this silly home run derby tonight, and Chris Berman's tired act handling the call.

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