Mets London Series Hype? Well it’s not sold out

The Baseball Mafia is going to tell you how much the Brits love baseball this weekend.

When I went to the first London Series, sure there were people at the stadium, the same is true of international soccer games in NJ you never hear a thing about, but I’m telling you I WAS THERE and It had no visibility around the city.

This morning I got an email trying to sell me tickets to this year’s London Series – so that will give you a sense of how well things are going.

Have they sold lots of tickets in a fairly big building? Sure.

Is it sold out? NOPE

Blue sections still have seats available

And an example of a section.  Not horrifically empty, but also not full.

Baseball also scheduled Yankees-Dodgers for this weekend which is sure to overshadow these games.  I guess they were going tor some sort of Big Event Saturday with London and NYY-LAD back to back?  I sort of get it, but also it’s a summer Saturday guys  – nobody is staying inside to watch 8 hours of baseball.

Today’s Carlos Mendoza Outfit

Today’s look is “went fishing at Sandy Hook NJ starting at 8:30am, then sat on the beach all day with a cooler and some chicken, and read my book.”  It’s all in the glasses.

Also, who issued the 1987 road script cap? What’s that about?