Introducing the NEXT Mets Manager: 2026’s John Gibbons!

Either Gibby has a new nickname or the Intern is about to be fired.

Look, I am sure Carlos Mendoza is an awesome guy and all, but my view from the basement is that he was a panic hire once the Mets found out Former Wilpons Intern David Stearns wasn’t actually going to land Counsell.  And as groovy as Mendoza may be, I don’t see too many first-job managers winning the World Series.  (Although Davey Johnson comes to mind, but so do Mickey Hodges and Luis Rojas.)  Not to mention the Mets are rebuilding without admitting it.

Anyway, you may have seen that “sources’ say John Gibbons will be the bench coach.

And we all know the pattern….fire the veteran manager, bring in a young face.  The media fawns over the energy and how smart the new guy is and how he connects with “today’s players.”  Then two years later that guy is gone and we bring in a veteran and then the media fawns over how smart the new guy is and how great it is to have an experienced manager.

Well, it looks to me like the Mets have already picked the manager of the 2026 Mets and it is John Gibbons.   Gibbons, 61, will be 63 when he takes over.  He’s had success with the Blue Jays, and the Mets can even spin it that he is a Former Mets Player, which is factually true!

So congratulations on 2026 Mets Manager John Gibbons, who may even get to mop up the 2025 season if that’s a disaster.  Good long term planning by Mets owners Steve & Alex Cohen (that’s how the press releases phrase it, so you’re on the clock too Alex) and the Former Wilpons Intern!


OMG Lets take a look at ticket prices for the Mets London Series games

I did the inaugural London Series (Yankees-Red Sox) and they may have been two of the worst baseball games ever played.  The games dragged on and on and my friend and I decided to leave since we were three hours in, it was the 5th inning, and we wanted to actually see London.

Before we begin on the ticket prices, here’s my recap of that trip if you’re curious.

With the Mets going next summer, I signed up for the presale.  After seeing the ticket prices, and considering the “$1000” flight (didn’t research) and the need to stay somewhere, I have decided that it’s not at all worth it.

I wouldn’t tell you not to go, but if you think the baseball part of your trip will be fun, it really won’t be.   The rest of the trip will.

Anyway, let’s look at the prices offered to me this morning.

A reminder, these prices are for the weekend – so you’re buying both games here….so if we’re looking at the price for one ticket you can divide by 2.

Anyway….this morning $1 will get you £0.80

Say you are one of those people who like watching games from 500 feet away….this seat was offered ($91ish).  Also note that’s ROW 66.  Sixty-six.  And you’re already a million miles away.

Your view would be something like this, where we sat for the Saturday game.  Note that since this is a soccer stadium, this isn’t exactly the bleachers at Wrigley or even a t-shirt section.

Maybe you’d like to sit closer.  OH MY

I don’t understand why the upper deck is more expensive than these seats down low….maybe the Brits don’t get that lower is better? (£1188 is nearly $1500).

That view is roughly this, where I sat.  Apparently the guy who hooked up my Sunday ticket is some sort of millionaire, and in London, you can’t even see the netting!

OK how about something inbetween.  £195.80 is a lot more than you think…those 20 cents add up.  These seats will cost you $246.14.  And presumably you want to go with someone.  So $500 for the 4 tickets (interestingly the fees are only like $5)

Add on $900 or so for a flight..

…plus hotels (which are surprisingly not bad!)

So…lazy math…for you going solo…… $900 + $500 + $600 =  $2000.  To see two Mets games.

Again, I wouldn’t tell you not to go.  I am glad I went when I did., and if you’re going to make a vacation of it, sure why not, what’s the money for.  But if you’re dropping $1500 to chant Heeee Struck Him Out and then just come home….that’s crazy.

As for me, I let the cart expire.

The scoreboards were teaching the locals the rules.

The programs compared baseball teams to soccer teams.



MLB’s nonsense about what Mets fans should thankful for

MLB did an article about what each fanbase should be thankful for.  This is what they have for the Mets, and I find it lacking.

Mets: The retooling is off to a good start.
Obviously, 2023 didn’t go the way the Mets, the fans and their owner wanted it to. But they did what you’d like to see from a team that had such a setback: They cut their losses, brought in some exciting young talent when they traded off Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander, and are well-positioned to take some big steps forward over the next few years. (via nonsense division.)

WHAT?   What are you even talking about MLB?  This team took steps backward and so far the David Stearns era has been marked by totally hiring their first choice manager like they wanted to really honestly.

What we SHOULD be thankful for is that the 86 Red Sox couldn’t close out victories, or we’d be hanging onto one miracle from 54 years ago.

Mets 2024 giveaway bundles aren’t bad

My friends the Mets want to sell you some tickets to….what…see a SS that boos the fans and a vulgar one dimensional first baseman whose OPS last year wasn’t even as good as Keith Hernandez had in 1986 (look It up) proving that hitting a home run every 6 days isn’t winning baseball.   Anyway, I digress.

There was a time when I would have been super interested in the Sports Jerseys one….but baseball is dead and the SS doesn’t like the fans so the wallet is closed.

Fireworks, whatever.

A Hawaiian shirt is fun.  A bucket hat is not bad.  A pickleball paddle is lame, and if you play pickleball you’re not going to actually use a cheap Mets paddle…but hey at least they are trying.

A Mets rugby shirt could be cool, but Rugby shirts are usually thick and I can’t imagine the Mets giving out something that isn’t lightweight so the idea is probably better than the reality.

Bobbleheads whatever.

Overall, not bad Mets.  Now I continue to think anyone who buys tickets instead of a big TV is insane, but sure….not bad.


In advance of Cyber Monday, the Mets are offering a limited time no fees offer for Triple Play Bundles from November 21 – December 1.

FLUSHING, N.Y., November 21, 2023 – The New York Mets today announced their 2024 Triple Play Bundles, a series of three-game ticket packages, are now on sale, unveiling a portion of the 2024 promotion schedule. The Mets are offering a limited time no fees offer on the Triple Play Bundles from November 21 through December 1. The Triple Play Bundles can be purchased online at or by calling 718-507-TIXX.

The Mets are offering 10 different themed Triple Play Bundles for the 2024 season, as well as a build-your-own bundle option. The themed bundles include:
Sports Jerseys
Summer in the City
London Calling
Bobblehead Trio
Firework Fridays
The A.L.
Divisional Saturdays
West Coast
Family Days

Four of the Triple Play Bundles – Sports Jerseys, Summer in the City, London Calling and Bobblehead Trio– will include games with promotional giveaways to be given to the first 15,000 fans (receipt of the promotional items is not guaranteed with the purchase of a bundle).

Returning for 2024, the Sports Jersey Bundle includes tickets for Sunday, June 30 against Houston, featuring the Mets Basketball Jersey giveaway, Tuesday, July 9 against Washington, featuring the Mets Soccer Jersey giveaway, and Sunday, August 18 against Miami, featuring the Mets Football Jersey giveaway.

The Summer in the City Bundle includes tickets for Saturday, June 15 against San Diego, featuring the Mets Hawaiian Shirt giveaway presented by Nathan’s, Saturday, July 13 against Colorado, featuring the Mets Bucket Hat giveaway, and Thursday, July 25 against Atlanta, featuring the Pickleball Paddle giveaway presented by Citi.

The London Calling Bundle prepares fans to cheer on the Mets in the MLB World Tour: London Series 2024 with tickets for Monday, April 1 against Detroit, featuring the Mets Rugby Shirt giveaway, Saturday, April 27 against St. Louis, featuring the Hogwarts™ House Scarves giveaway on Harry Potter™ Night, and Saturday, May 11 against Atlanta, featuring the Mr. Met London Telephone Booth Bobblehead giveaway.

The Bobblehead Trio Bundle includes tickets for Saturday, May 11 against Atlanta, featuring the Mr. Met London Telephone Booth Bobblehead, Friday, July 12 against Colorado, featuring the Brandon Nimmo Bobblehead, and the Monday, July 29 against Minnesota, featuring the Francisco Lindor Streetwear Bobblehead.

Additionally, the Firework Fridays Bundle includes tickets to three of the Mets Friday fireworks nights on May 31 against Arizona, June 28 against Houston and July 26 against Atlanta.

The full 2024 promotions schedule will be announced at a later date. For more information on Triple Play Bundles and to purchase 2024 Mets tickets, please visit or call 718-507-TIXX.


$53 Mets Cherry Blossom Cap

I am too busy today to dive in on the new ticket plans, I will get to that tomorrow.  meanwhile…

This $53 cap is screaming BASEBALL HATES YOU but you won’t break up with it.   Baseball hates you.  Here is the proof.