Willie Fired! (No Really This Time)

Wow, I’m kind of surprised and feel a little bad for Willie because of the timing.

Why torture the man and make him fly to LA when they could have done this over the weekend? Did they think that by being on the West Coast we wouldn’t notice? This isn’t 1977 where the Daily News has “Mets at Anaheim, night.”

This has been handled so poorly by this organization – like so many things, which is why this blog exists.

The few news reports have Jerry Manuel as “interim” manager, which means things are still not settled.

The Mets Police, as always hoping the Mets win, wish Jerry nothing but the best and may he win the World Series.

On a vaguely related note – add Torre to the All-Star Game coaches staff.

>Wang: Boom


Newsday reports he’s out for the season. Boom.

>But How Many Fans Did Howie Rose Count?

>The Iowa Cubs played in front of zero fans on Saturday. Because of the flooding, a curfew did not allow any fans to attend the game, but the team decided to play anyway.

It is rumored that Howie Rose was broadcasting the game and said “about 40,000” in the stands, as he often says of obviously empty Shea Stadium. No confirmation of that yet as Howie was supposed to be in Flushing at the undomed stadium across from the new undomed stadium.


>ESPN's Stadium Travel Guide

>I don’t have time now to really break this down but ESPN has posted a “Stadium Travel Guide.”

The suggestion for “nearest sports bar” is on Steinway Street. That may actually be accurate, but anyone with an understanding of Queens knows that hitting the sports bar on Steinway Street before the game ain’t exactly like hitting Stan’s at Yankee.

It’s fun that the list comes with a map and not one thing listed is on the map. Closest food is 108th street.

Hopefully Citi Field will hook us up with a normally priced bar, since there is no dome.

Nitpick away:

Wang: Boom

Newsday reports he’s out for the season. Boom.