Trivia: What Pitches 4 Innings And Can’t Be Trusted?

Today’s trivia question is:

What is from Boston, gets to have different rules than the rest of the team, isn’t reliable at all, is incredibly overrated by all fans except the Mets Police, and usually only pitches four innings?

Answer after football.

Rare Fan Friendly Gesture By Mets

I’m actually surprised that the Mets rained out yesterday’s game at 11:30am.  After all, it wasn’t really raining.  I thought for sure that they would make everyone drive there, pay to park, and hey maybe have a $8 beer and a hot dog while waiting, before admitting there was a Tropical Storm.   They could have even blamed Fox!

Nope, they actually did it right for once.   Hooray for the Mets.

However, the Mets never get anything right – so if you had bought tickets for a Sunday afternoon game, you get to go on Sunday night (thanks to the ESPN which hates children) and if you bought tickets for a Saturday you get to go on Sunday afternoon.   They should’ve flipped those.  

Politics And The PSL’s

The Times reported about political influence and how you wind up paying for the new stadiums.

The Jets and the Giants are building an $1.6 billion stadium together in New Jersey, but some critics have questioned the wisdom of the state’s assuming $100 million in debt to pay off the teams’ old stadium as part of the deal.

Like other major donors, Mr. Johnson has traveled with Mr. McCain on the campaign trail. Mr. McCain also calls him on occasion to thank him. But Mr. Johnson plays down the access he has, saying he is no different from anyone else.

“You can call the senator, too,” Mr. Johnson said.

I’m confident Sen. McCain will take my call on the first try.

In May, after turning his office into a war room for more than a month and making sometimes 50 calls a day, he (Johnson) orchestrated a fund-raiser in New York City that brought in $7 million in a single evening for Mr. McCain, by far the largest amount collected up to that point by a campaign that had been struggling to raise money.

Evil Giants Get Rid Of Sick Jennings

Bob Raissman on the Evil Money grubbing Giants:

(Dave) Jennings, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, had worked during preseason radiocasts. According to NFL spies, the powers that be in the Giants’ broadcasting department thought his energy level was low and his performance was lacking.

So, they decided to put the former punter, who was supposed to team with Russ Salzberg, on the shelf.

Bob also got this dig in:

The Super Bowl champion organization, with the $1.6 billion stadium still has a heart, doesn’t it? 

Vin Scully To Return For 60th Season

Vin Scully To Return for 60th Season!  Full story here and an excerpt below.

“When you’re on the road as much as we are, it’s the loneliness of your wife that you consider,” Scully, 80, said. “But she said, ‘It’s been such a part of my life for so long, you might as well do it if you want to do it.’ And I still enjoy it. I still feel like I’m happy to be here, I still get goosebumps with an exciting play. So, I told Frank [McCourt, club chairman] that I’ll try it for another year.”