Squeezing Every Last Drop

So I guess it should come as no surprise that the eventual demolition of Shea and Yankee Stadiums will create a wealth of souveniers. Technically the city owns both ballparks and everything in them – but both teams want to buy the salvage rights from the city. When you factor in all the seats, signs, even phones, each park could gross upwards of $20 million. Guess the inflated ticket prices and all those new suites in Corporate Field aren’t enough for the Wilpon family.

When the Cardinals tore down Busch Stadium, they even sold some of the urinals for several hundred each.

Hmmm – how much do you think a Shea urinal would fetch on eBay?
(Newsweek article on the sale http://www.newsweek.com/id/132384 )

The Next Mets Manager

So by the time the weekend ends and Arizona takes two of three, the Willie Watch will be in full force.
So if not Willie, then who?
Wally Backman had Mets pedigree and apparently was good enough to get the Arizona job before whatever that scandal was.

Jerry Manuel is already in the dugout but…eh.

Keith Hernandez clearly has the smarts but why would he give up a nice gig in the booth and become the next Bud Harrelson.
So that leaves us with the best choice. Lee Mazzilli. Mets fan fave. 1986 ring. Was there for the losing and the winning. BROOKLYN guy (Wilpons, pay attention ding ding ding). Learned how to work the media from the master Joe Torre. Even has managerial experience – and don’t be a fool and comdemn him for what happened in Baltimore.
Nothing would make The Mets Police happier than to see a #16 in the dugout with Mazzilli on the back.

>Shea Ranks 28th in SI Rankings – That High???

> Sports Illustrated today released the results of a study where fans were questioned on different aspects of all 30 MLB stadiums. What a shocker that Shea finished 28th, beating out RFK Stadium (which isn’t even used anymore) and Dolphin Stadium (for baseball it is bad).

Some of the highlights:
  • Affordability – 28th (no shock here)
  • Food – 30th (one fan commented – “You’re kidding, right? This is Shea you’re asking about.”)
  • History & Tradition – 19th (the Royals (1969), Brewers (1969), and Mariners (1977) all finished ahead – I know when I think baseball tradition I think of this

  • Fan Hospitality – 29th (most of the comments here focus on incidents during the Mets-Yankees games)
  • Promotions – 28th
  • Neighborhood – 28th (and guess what, this ain’t gonna change with Corporate Field in 2009)