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Please Help Bring Rusty Home

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Yesterday, it was reported and confirmed that Mets legend, Rusty Staub suffered a heart attack while en route from Ireland to JFK airport. He is resting comfortably in a hospital but his family is raising funds to charter a medical flight to get him back to his home in Florida.

I have donated money to the go fund me site and I urge my fellow fans to follow suit. Rusty not only is a All time Mets legend but also a very charitable man who has tirelessly raised money for the widows of both the NYPD and FDNY who died In the line of duty .

To give please click here


This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty: The “Lets Go Mets (And Wake UP!!!) Edition

october baseball

I am still reeling from yesterday’s doubleheader sweep by the Nationals. Worse yet was the fact that our team has shown little life these past few games with the carrot of home field advantage dangling in front of their faces. I can accept the fact that we were no-hit by Max Scherzer, what I can’t accept was the fact that the Mets didn’t make any attempt to field anything resembling their a lineup on the field.

I understand that this past week with the threat of hurricane Joaquin and frigid temperatures that the coaching staff wanted to rest and protect our core players but last night I saw very little fight. I mean how’s about trying to bunt for a base hit to at least save themselves the embarrassment of being no hit for the second time this season ?

I don’t know maybe I am being to reactive to the current losing streak but I just hope that the offense shows up today and we can close the regular season on a winning note.

I do believe we will dispatch the Dodgers in 4 games, even though we don’t have the home field advantage, but obviously this team is going to have to wake up from their slumber.


And with that said…. HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!


Mets alumni celebrating a birthday today includes:

One of the stalwarts of the Mets bullpen from 1998-2001, Dennis Cook is 53.


Sadly on this date 40 years ago original Mets majority owner, Joan Payson passed away. Her love of the Mets was well documented, and she was always visible from her box seats right by the Mets dugout at Shea Stadium.

Other transactions of note include:
The New York Mets released utility man, Chico Walker on October 4, 1993.

The New York Mets released backup outfielder, Ced Landrum  on October 4, 1993.

Reserve outfielder, Ricky Ledee granted free agency on October 4, 2007.

Middle reliever, Jack Egbert granted free agency on October 4, 2012.

Mo Vaughn will be on hand signing copies of his latest book “A Fridge Too Far !!!”


Hey Mets you gonna win 90 or are you just not that good?

Hi Mets,

The residents of Panic Citi really enjoyed those six weeks where Cespedes carried the team, but I’m looking at the standings this morning and…

2015 standings after 161


…you really aren’t going to top off at 89 wins, are you?  89 wins makes me think the division was really awful and this is a not great team that would be finishing up an ok year if you played in another division.

Let’s get this thing to 90 please.  And the ultimate goal is 11 more.

Take that Batman: Colon won more games than Matt Harvey

mets clinch 2015 colon

Hey guys,

Gonna put a bow on an argument we had all last winter when you and your friends in the Mainstream Media were publishing daily articles about the Amazing Awesome Return Of The Greatest Pitcher Of All Time.

Well friends, I said you should not under appreciate a random fat guy who takes his turn every 5th day.

The stats are in, and unless Matt shocks me by throwing in relief today (and he seems like the kind of fellow who might do that) Bartolo Colon ends the season with 14 wins, to The Second Seaver’s 13.

Congrats Bart, and I hope you find yourself a nice home next season.

(Same your breath, I don’t want to hear all your Matt Harvey excuses and statistical breakdowns. The name of the game is WINS.)

Daily Fantasy Sports and the Hidden Cost of America’s Weird Gambling Laws – The New York Times


Good read here. Nothing to do with the Mets other than the amount of advertising I see on televised sporting events. As I have mentioned on twitter, it would not surprise me if the feds notice the amount of advertising and get more curious about daily fantasy games.

The same complexity and opacity that make daily fantasy sports legal also make it more likely that the casual fan will lose money.

Source: Daily Fantasy Sports and the Hidden Cost of America’s Weird Gambling Laws – The New York Times

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