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Mookiee Podcast 21: Matt Harvey & The Galactic Senate


Shannon is just awfully cranky when it comes to the Mets this week, but then the boys settle in and have a really fun conversation about Star Wars.  Notes below the embedded audio.

00:00 Shilling
00:30 Don’t listen!
01:00 Rant: Shannon bitches about the playoff start times
10:00 Once again, Jason witnesses the Mets get no-hit
12:00 A Japanese man interrupts Shannon
12:20 Matt Harvey wears a Boras sweatshirt
13:00 Matt Harvey misses a workout
18:00 is this Matt Harvey’s last season in Queens?

20:00 Funny Star Wars story
22:00 Slave Leia Bikini Auction!
29:00 Could Jason write the Jaxxon spinoff movie?
32:00 A tribute to the Beastie Boys?
33:00 Battlefront
35:00 Classic Star Wars video games

36:00 Jason is going to be on a New York Comic Con panel!
39:00 Star Wars Reads / 501st Legion
48:00 The inner workings of the Galactic Senate
51:00 Clone Wars: Padme Talking episodes

57:00 Sincere good wishes to C.C. Sabathia

Report: Mets have more guys from greater LA than the Dodgers do

The Dodgers All Star Apple has been spotted

A reminder to all sports fans that this is Professional Entertainment being performed by mercenaries, not some sort of regional tribal warfare.  Enjoy it for what it is, and don’t beat people up in parking lots.  Before you get all crazy with City A Rules and City B sucks, here’s some info….

The New York Mets have more players who come from the Los Angeles area than the Dodgers.

Source: New York Mets from the Southland – LA Times

Monday’s Mets game is other 8:07 or a horrible FU 8:37pm

indiana jones
Baseball finally decided to think about telling people when the game is and…

So whoever lost in the AL yesterday, I hope you get swept. Those 30 minutes are huge. All I can think about this morning (at 6:17am) is how tired I am and am going to be the next 5 days.

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