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Daniel Murphy, Avatar of Chaos « Faith and Fear in Flushing

Murphy Camo

As excited as I was to read a Murph article, this sentence here really nails how I think we all feel about the 2015 Mets 2.0

It’s remarkable — it’s as if the lineup that wore Mets uniforms until late July was not just from another season but from another decade, and their stats had been grafted on to this season’s through some bizarre act of nouveau recordkeeping.

Source: Daniel Murphy, Avatar of Chaos « Faith and Fear in Flushing

Cyclones bring out Sidd Finch – promote someone to Queens already!!

The Cyclones continue to CRUSH and get all the little things right.  Hey Jeff, someone out there is really good at things like this.  Promote that person to Queens!

By the way, this got me wondering if there were five minutes back in the day where George Steinbrenner was yelling at his people wondering why they didn’t have their own Sidd Finch.

Double by the way – Sidd Finch’s hair prime way better than Matt’s. Let’s see how Matt is looking in 2045.

Mets Planholders Can Order Addition Playoff Strips Next Week


Now I know some of my friends who dropped their plans are going to be asking me to hook them up. “Why do you have a plan, you are a fool.”

We are pleased to be able to offer 2015 Season Ticket Holders the opportunity to purchase additional 2015 Postseason Strips beginning at 2:00 P.M. ET on Thursday, September 3 and ending at 5:00 P.M. ET on Friday, September 4.

Simply log in to your My Mets Tickets Account using the account number below and click on the “Special Offers” button at the top of the page to access your postseason offer. The number of additional postseason strips you may purchase will be based on availability and will be communicated to you via email on September 3. You must purchase all of your desired additional postseason strips in one transaction. Additional strips will be available at the public strip price on a first come, first served basis and per ticket and order fees will apply. Seating locations are not guaranteed, so we recommend that you purchase early for the best available location. We also recommend utilizing a desktop or laptop, as this offer may not be compatible with all mobile devices or tablets.

Your Account Number:

As a courtesy, you will receive a follow up email today containing the password to the above account. We strongly encourage you to log into your account today, or another time prior to your postseason purchase opportunity next week, to be sure you can log in successfully. Please note that this is an online only purchase opportunity; postseason strips are not available for purchase over the phone.

A 2015 Mets Postseason strip includes tickets to all 12 of the potential Mets home games that could be played during the 2015 Postseason. These games include:
Tiebreaker (1 game)
Wild Card (1 game)
National League Division Series (3 games)
National League Championship Series (4 games)
World Series (3 games)
Official game dates and times for Mets home games will be determined based on the Mets final standing and MLB scheduling.

For more 2015 postseason information, including refund details for games not played, please visit

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