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Mets Planholders Can Order Addition Playoff Strips Next Week


Now I know some of my friends who dropped their plans are going to be asking me to hook them up. “Why do you have a plan, you are a fool.”

We are pleased to be able to offer 2015 Season Ticket Holders the opportunity to purchase additional 2015 Postseason Strips beginning at 2:00 P.M. ET on Thursday, September 3 and ending at 5:00 P.M. ET on Friday, September 4.

Simply log in to your My Mets Tickets Account using the account number below and click on the “Special Offers” button at the top of the page to access your postseason offer. The number of additional postseason strips you may purchase will be based on availability and will be communicated to you via email on September 3. You must purchase all of your desired additional postseason strips in one transaction. Additional strips will be available at the public strip price on a first come, first served basis and per ticket and order fees will apply. Seating locations are not guaranteed, so we recommend that you purchase early for the best available location. We also recommend utilizing a desktop or laptop, as this offer may not be compatible with all mobile devices or tablets.

Your Account Number:

As a courtesy, you will receive a follow up email today containing the password to the above account. We strongly encourage you to log into your account today, or another time prior to your postseason purchase opportunity next week, to be sure you can log in successfully. Please note that this is an online only purchase opportunity; postseason strips are not available for purchase over the phone.

A 2015 Mets Postseason strip includes tickets to all 12 of the potential Mets home games that could be played during the 2015 Postseason. These games include:
Tiebreaker (1 game)
Wild Card (1 game)
National League Division Series (3 games)
National League Championship Series (4 games)
World Series (3 games)
Official game dates and times for Mets home games will be determined based on the Mets final standing and MLB scheduling.

For more 2015 postseason information, including refund details for games not played, please visit

Mets Traffic Advisory for Saturday

Due to the US Open hosting Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at the National Tennis Center on Saturday, August 29, the Mets encourage fans and ticket holders planning to attend Saturday’s game vs. the Boston Red Sox to commute to Citi Field via mass transit and arrive early for the game.
 The Jackie Robinson Rotunda will open at 2:05 p.m. on Saturday. Only the first 15,000 fans through the gates will receive the free 1986 World Championship Bobblehead.
 The 7 Line is the fast, convenient and “green” way to travel to the game. The Mets-Willets Point stop is adjacent to the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.
 Direct LIRR service to Citi Field is available from Penn Station, Woodside and all stations on the Port Washington Branch.
 Those traveling from Long Island or southern Queens on other branches can reach Citi Field by changing trains at Woodside, just a five-minute ride from the ballpark.
 Fans from NYC or New Jersey can board any Port Washington Branch train at Penn Station, which is just a quick 19 minutes away on the LIRR. Citi Field is just 17 minutes from Great Neck and 27 minutes from Port Washington.
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My Q&A With Jeff Wilpon – Murphy, Seaver and the QBC

Last night I attended the Mets-Phillies game and thanks to StubHub ended up with a seat just a few rows over the Mets dugout.  Before the start of the game I looked down, and who was sitting just a few rows in front of me but Mets COO Jeff Wilpon.

I put it out on Twiiter (@dtwohig) asking if anyone had any questions.  As I expected the majority of people responding wanted me to ask him about resigning Cespedes or about selling the team.  Sure, I could have – but either question is a non-starter.  The Wilpons are not selling the team, and Cespedes is a rental.

Then Shannon asked me to ask him about resigning Murphy.  Perfect question – and completely unexpected. So around the 2nd inning –

DT: Jeff, can you please resign Murphy?

JW: What? (looking at me wondering where that one came from, then laughing) Sure, OK

OK, we’ve established a rapport and he knows I’m not going to be aggressive.  A few innings later I went for the second one –

DT: Jeff, a serious question if you don’t mind.

JW: Sure, go ahead

DT: When are you going to put a statue of Seaver in front of the ballpark?

JW: Oh we hope to have him out soon

(OK, wasn’t my question, but good to know that the Mets are trying to get The Franchise out to NY)

DT: No, I was asking why isn’t there a statue of Tom Seaver outside CitiField?  Most other teams have statues to their greats, why not the Mets?

JW: It’s not up to me

DT: Oh come on, of course it is – can you put one up?

JW: Well, no (and he shrugged his shoulders)

OK, well that was a longer exchange than I expected,  I was prepared to end it there, but then Media Goon suggested I ask him about coming to the QBC.  OK, challenge accepted.  I waited to the end of the game and was able to get to him as he was bolting out after the final out.  I shook his hand and thanked him for answering my questions, and said I had one more.

DT: Jeff, we’d love to have you come out to the QBC next year.  Will you come?

JW: QBC? What’s that?

DT: The Queens Baseball Convention – the Mets fan convention.

JW: Oh ok – get me the details.  I’ll see

And then he was gone.

So, in the end, Jeff said:

  1. He would resign Murph (though I’m not taking him 100% seriously)
  2. They are trying to get Seaver out for a visit
  3. There will be no Seaver statue
  4. He didn’t say no to coming to the QBC

Will he come?  I guess it’s an open question now.

Another d’Arnaud Story From His Granddad

While I was talking to d’Arnaud’s granddad on Saturday he asked me why didn’t we ask for a pic or an autograph from Travis. I responded with, you guys were having a family moment and we didn’t want to be those fans who annoyed a player when he was with his family. Granddad d’Arnaud said Travis would have signed and taken pics without a second thought because of something that happened when he was a kid.

Granddad d’Arnaud said when Travis and his brother Chase were kids he took them to a game up in Seattle and had good seats. Ken Griffey Jr and Alex Rodriguez were leaning on the wall near them. Travis and Chase kept asking them to sign one ball each for them. Griffey and Arod blew them off. They d’Arnaud boys were very upset. One of the Mariners other players(I forget who it was. I apologize for that) saw what went down and went into the dugout. He came back out about two mins later with two baseballs signed buy him which he gave to Travis and Chase. He made the kids go from being sad because they were blown off to ecstatic that they got a MLB player to sign balls for them. Granddad d’Arnaud told both boys that if/when you become a MLB player remember how you felt when you got snubbed and to always treat fans the proper way. Especially kids. Don’t ignore the fans or blow them off.

I think that was a pretty cool story. I personally still wouldn’t bother a player during private time with a family member. But it’s nice to know that d’Arnaud would try to do the right thing for the fans.

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