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Mookiee Podcast 21: Matt Harvey & The Galactic Senate


Shannon is just awfully cranky when it comes to the Mets this week, but then the boys settle in and have a really fun conversation about Star Wars.  Notes below the embedded audio.

00:00 Shilling
00:30 Don’t listen!
01:00 Rant: Shannon bitches about the playoff start times
10:00 Once again, Jason witnesses the Mets get no-hit
12:00 A Japanese man interrupts Shannon
12:20 Matt Harvey wears a Boras sweatshirt
13:00 Matt Harvey misses a workout
18:00 is this Matt Harvey’s last season in Queens?

20:00 Funny Star Wars story
22:00 Slave Leia Bikini Auction!
29:00 Could Jason write the Jaxxon spinoff movie?
32:00 A tribute to the Beastie Boys?
33:00 Battlefront
35:00 Classic Star Wars video games

36:00 Jason is going to be on a New York Comic Con panel!
39:00 Star Wars Reads / 501st Legion
48:00 The inner workings of the Galactic Senate
51:00 Clone Wars: Padme Talking episodes

57:00 Sincere good wishes to C.C. Sabathia

Report says Matt Harvey was out Monday night but hold on a second….

mets clinch matt harvey

As you may have noticed, I have no problem busting The Dark Knight’s Two Face’s chops.  However, today I am here to stick up for him.  First, let’s read the phrasing of the headline I see in this link to the online version of the Daily News.

Call off the manhunt, turn off the Bat signal, the Dark Knight has been found.

Source: Mets’ Matt Harvey misses workout, was boozing night before – NY Daily News


Combining his absence with the phrasing of the headline, specifically the choice of boozing, could make someone think he was on an all-night bender.  That’s what I was expecting.

Then I read the story and it says that Matt had a few drinks, and some chicken wings.  He watched Monday Night Football with some friends, and left by 11.

Despite missing practice, I don’t think we can pile on a guy for having a beverage, some wings, watching football, and heading home thirteen hours before work.

So, Matt, today I am here to stick up for you.  When you get done with beating the Blue Jays in the World Series, let’s meet up for some wings and beer.  You can tell me what a douche I am.  See ya in November bro.

On the other hand, read all the way through to the end of that Daily News article.  Their fact-finding about yesterday’s traffic is so much fun.  Good job DN. Bad job salacious DN headline writer.

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