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Pictures and thoughts from last night’s absurdly late night Mets playoff game

Good morning!

Last night I attended the game with the Uniscenti (General Paul Lukas and Phil Hecken of Uni Watch, and Jon Springer of Mets By The Numbers) and had a very nice time with some great company, including a “real conversation” with Paul later in the game.

Some thoughts in chronological order so stay with me since most of the complaining is up front.

The GWB is the worst.  It took me almost 2.5 hours to go from MPHQ to Queens.  That’s a bad value.  Even if the Mets asked me to play second base, I am not sure its worth a 2.5 hour schlep anywhere for anything.

Security Theater – I don’t know what goes on at the Rotunda but at the gate I used, apparently ISIS has declared they will never use that one. I’m fine with this as I got in fairly quickly.

As I have theorized, Citi Field doesn’t hold a crowd too well.  Here’s a picture of the Promenade about half an hour before the game.

Lots of Harvey jerseys.  Lots of bootleg jerseys.

Also heard some “fans” asking how to get to the Promenade.  That being said, I found the crowd in my section (513) to seem like real fans.  Perhaps the Wall Street crowd was downstairs.

I LOVE this sort of introduction.  I love it on Opening Day and for Game 1 of the World Series and it was cool last night.  That’s my boy Murph coming out.  I don’t know if y’all got to see it on TV or not but Tejada WALKED OUT which was the special moment of the night.  The booing of Utley was epic (I posted a video of that on my twitter @metspolice).  Overall Citi Field was a new level of loudest night which was cool to see.

Then Actual Rusty threw out the first pitch.  Actual Rusty is much cooler than that @lagranderusty jabroni who sometimes posts an article around here on Sundays.  Good to see Rusty recovering from his recent heart attack.

Then there was whatever Mattingly was complaining about before first pitch (Bullpen Phones?).  Here’s Two Face getting bored and throwing a ball up in the air.  MH was not too sharp last night.  Aces gotta Ace Matt.

As the game started, I mostly kept my phone away and decided to act like a normal person and interact with my company.

At one point I said to Paul to look around and notice the absence of black.  Sure we saw the occasional black something or drop shadow jersey, but for the most part it was Mission Accomplished.  Then I joked we should walk around and bully people wearing black like opening credits of The Bishop!

But believe it or not we did not talk about uniforms all night, nor did I have a lengthy discussion about Rule 3.03(b)

I left at midnight. I got home at 1:05am, and was up at 5:45am. Again, that’s not the ideal experience, and makes me not really want to attend baseball games in person. One friend is telling me he got home after 3am. That doesn’t work in the real world for more than one night.

Anyway, fun game, great company. Overall, I don’t think the hangover and the aggravation is worth the trip. Feel free to disagree. I’ll be at the two hour MLS game.

Preparing for my Man-date with the Uniscenti

As you may have read on Uni Watch I will be attending tonight’s game with the Uniscenti.

There’s a lot of self pressure to be “Mets Police Cool” and not to wear anything purple.

Here we see a Mets blue light winter jacket, a Mets hoodie, a Bat Hat to keep my head warm (and have some self mocking fun) and of course a proper home pinstriped jersey with my favorite player.

What are you wearing?  Dress warm kids!!!!!!!!!!

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Matt Harvey’s 2015 really is a movie…and this is the 3rd act

Let’s look at how movies work.

First we build up the hero.

harvey the dark knight rises

In the middle act, we put the hero in jeopardy.  Sometimes the hero lets his fans down.  Sometimes the fans even turn on the hero.

The Formerly Dark Knight

And in the final act….the hero comes back from adversity and defeats the bad guys.

mets clinch matt harvey

This is the biggest game of Matt’s career, and the crowd is going to be the most hyped it has EVER been at Citi Field.

This is the grand stage Matt.  Tonight you get to be the hero again.  Go out there, throw zeros and Ks, and maybe you lose your control on one pitch.  It happens.

Be the hero Gotham needs.  Because sometimes people need to have their faith rewarded.


Utley mess makes no sense, Torre quotes the rulebook!

torre mattingly So let me get this right…baseball admits it was an illegal slide…however awarded the illegal slider the base (and thus withdrew the out).  How does that make any sense?  Or as phrased better…

  But what is entertaining, and good to know, is Mr. Torre is up to date on the rule book.

“However, after thoroughly reviewing the play from all conceivable angles, I have concluded that Mr. Utley’s action warrants discipline. While I sincerely believe that Mr. Utley had no intention of injuring Ruben Tejada, and was attempting to help his club in a critical situation, I believe his slide was in violation of Official Baseball Rule 5.09(a)(13), which is designed to protect fielders from precisely this type of rolling block that occurs away from the base.”

I see.  Well let’s read the rule which Mr. Torre points us to a section called The Batter Is Out if…..

(13) A preceding runner shall, in the umpire’s judgment, intentionally interfere with a fielder who is attempting to catch a thrown ball or to throw a ball in an attempt to complete any play;

Rule 5.09(a)(13) Comment (Rule 6.05(m) Comment): The objective of this rule is to penalize the offensive team for delib- erate, unwarranted, unsportsmanlike action by the runner in leaving the baseline for the obvious purpose of crashing the pivot man on a double play, rather than trying to reach the base. Obviously this is an umpire’s judgment play.

So can we have that out now Mr. Torre? I’ll also point Mr. Torre to this rule which he seems uninterested in,

Rule 5.09(b)(1) and (2) Comment (Rule 7.08(a) Comment): Any runner after reaching first base who leaves the base path heading for his dugout or his position believing that there is no further play, may be declared out if the umpire judges the act of the runner to be considered abandoning his efforts to run the bases. Even though an out is called, the ball remains in play in regard to any other runner.

But here is the problem with citing the rules.  MLB doesn’t enforce its own rulebook.  It doesn’t appear to enforce the abandoning rule above, nor the rules I cite below.

4.06 (3.09) No Fraternization Players in uniform shall not address or mingle with spectators, nor sit in the stands before, during, or after a game.

I do not want to see any players chit-chatting over at first base.  I don’t want to see any baseball players signing autographs for kids.  This MLB’s rule, approved by rules committee chairperson Sandy Alderson, not mine.  I also don’t want to see most Mets wearing a blue undershirt and other Mets wearing orange.


  1. Any part of an undershirt exposed to view shall be of a uniform solid color for all players on a team.

So, MLB, why do we even have a rulebook?  Which rules count and which don’t?

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