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Link: Hollywood Ending Leaves Wilmer Flores in a New York State of Mind – WSJ

You don't bring me Flores...

You don’t bring me Flores…

On twitter (@metspolice) I riffed that in Milwaukee a Neil Diamond impersonator is singing You Don’t Bring Me Flores…and now I can’t get it out of my head.

Anyway, for a nice read about Flores I don’t have Neil Diamond but I do have Jared Diamond….

Just days after a failed trade that left him crying on the field, Wilmer Flores delivered a walk-off home run in the 12th inning to send the Mets to a dramatic 2-1 victory over the Washington Nationals.

Source: Hollywood Ending Leaves Wilmer Flores in a New York State of Mind – WSJ

This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty: The “So Far Surreal” Edition

MetsPolice Gregg Jeffries Signed Card 2

This past week I commented on Twitter that this current Met season has been the most bizarre one in at least two decades.  But instead of firecrackers, bleach and rape allegations we have had botched trades, freak injuries, drug suspensions and just all around nuttiness of the 92 season.

I admit that at one point from Thursday into Friday I had suffered from a severe case of Mets Twitteritis where the Mets fan loses all sense of reality and rationalization. I was seething over the Carlos Gomez trade falling through and the fact that Wilmer Flores seemed to be put through ringer and was visibly emotional on the field.

I had a foreboding feeling that even though the people that I speak to in the industry said “not to worry” and “the Mets will import a decent bat” I just couldn’t buy it. Hell I even half jokingly threatened to retire from blogging on this site if the trade deadline passed and a game changing player wasn’t brought in ( Sorry Mediagoon) . I had felt that the moves that the Mets made previously in the week were good moves that would possibly get us to the fringe of the playoffs but they needed to get that bat – A Donn Clendenon type bat that can carry this team not just into the playoffs but possibly – dare I say into the World Series.

Well thank goodness we were able to obtain Cespedes, and hopefully this team is poised to dominate ( or something close to that )  the National League the rest of the way.

So thank you Sandy Alderson for coming through in the clutch and it feels great to feel confident about this team.

So far surreal !

And with that said…. HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!

Mets alumni born on this date include:

Mets manager from ’82-’83, George Bamberger  would have been 90 (1925). Bambi is the only Mets manager to ever resign in the middle of  a baseball season.

One time “sure thing prospect”, Gregg Jefferies is 48 (1967). Jefferies was serviceable in his brief tenure with the Mets but his frequent run ins with his fellow teammates punched his ticket out of town.

Spot starter/middle reliever from the ’97-’98 seasons, Brian Bohanon is 47 (1968).

Other transactions of note include:
The New York Mets traded centerfielder, Mookie Wilson to the Toronto Blue Jays for middle reliever Jeff Musselman and minor league pitcher, Mike Brady on August 1, 1989. I always hated this trade. Yes Mookie was at the end of his career but he still had one productive season left to play.

Mo Vaughn has been secretly getting himself back in shape for a potential comeback if the Mets didn’t acquire a power bat by yesterday afternoon !!

Let us all thank SNY for showing Terry LIVE

terry collins

Dear Mr. SNY Executive,

Thank you for your recent change to your programming in which you show Terry Collins’ press conference live (or like really close to live).  I find this a great improvement to your programming.

As you know we live in an age of twitter and real-time news, so it makes sense to share the information with your fans at the same time as a bunch of guys with smartphones.

I think you will find this a good programming move as it will extend your viewership times by 15 minutes as jerks like me will no longer tune out immediately after the third out.

Have a great weekend and keep up the good work!  Also, please give Keith Hernandez an uncomfortable chair so that he is feisty on air.

Mets Lineup Survivor is down to Murphy vs Granderson

Whoa big shocker as both Conforto and Duda are eliminated!

One team.  One man.  1000 lineups.

To win Lineup Survivor you must remain in the lineup at any position in any order.


Friday, July 31
vs. Washington

Curtis Granderson – RF
Ruben Tejada – SS
Daniel Murphy – 1B
Juan Uribe – 3B
Travis d’Arnaud – C
Wilmer Flores – 2B
Juan Lagares – CF
Eric Campbell – LF
Matt Harvey – RHP

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