Matt Harvey can't be Jeter but he can be Joe Namath

matt harvey middle finger

I’m on social media an unhealthy amount and I have yet to run into one person who was offended by this tweet.

It’s a story because it was deleted.  I don’t know why it was deleted (the Mets asked Matt?) and I don’t know why Matt decided to get off twitter.  Nobody was offended.


Have you guys heard of the 1986 Mets?  Beloved.

Can you imagine the scandal if we found out the captain of the Mets left the dugout during a World Series game and was drinking a beer?  That guy would never be beloved, right?  Wrong. We wax poetic about the fistfights and the quirks of our captain.

Matt has a personality.  It is something this team has lacked since…I dunno Pedro and Reyes?  There is no swagger.  Just losing to middling baseball.  We got shut out, oh well, we’ll get them next time.

Matt you keep on giving the finger to Tommy John surgery.  Keep dating models and attending hockey games.  You aren’t going to be Jeter.  That’s now who you are.  Be Joe Namath.

joe namath

There’s one thing about being Joe Namath though.  You can date the models and talk smack but you have to bring the championship home.  See you in six months.

Take the subway to the 1964 World's Fair (and nearby Shea Stadium)

1964 shea stadium subway stop

Pretty cool.  And the nice lady seems like she would have been good company at the game.  Shea makes an appearance in this video and you’re pretty familiar with the subway stop in question.  It sure looks like a hell of a lot better ride in 1964.

Mets Wear League's Deepest Rotation -

In addition to their regular five and the Robinson jersey, the Mets also have a throwback jersey, an orange “Los Mets” jersey for Hispanic Heritage Night, and a different camouflage top for Memorial Day (though the players are no more or less difficult to find).

via Mets Wear League’s Deepest Rotation –

Update: it remains to be seen (I think, it’s early and I have only had one sip of coffee) what the annual “Stars and Stripes” design(s) bring.  Last year there was the other camo jersey which you can see below.

mets memorial day jersey 2013

Tuesday night Mets-Cardinals crowd shots

oh my

Local baseball team wears 7 uniforms in 7 games, wonders why it has no identity

Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey Deletes Twitter Account After Tweeting Middle Finger Photo: Gothamist

And now he’s deleted his entire Twitter account. Deadspin says, “It’s a silly and harmless picture, but Harvey, or someone within the Mets organization, thought that its existence was offensive enough to warrant Harvey deleting his entire Twitter account. Hey, at least the account went out in style.”

via Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey Deletes Twitter Account After Tweeting Middle Finger Photo: Gothamist.

This is clearly an upside down P

For all the talk of lower case fonts, this is clearly a P.


Seen at Citi Field.

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