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Mets: Sunday Night Baseball

First of all, I hate Sunday night baseball. I hate it especially when I have to be up at 2:30 am on Monday morning for work with a two hour drive ahead of me to Long Island for work.
 I really wanted to sleep last night but I got sucked into the game. It was great hearing a juiced up crowd cheering for the Mets. A sellout for a Sunday night in August? Who knew. I have been giving my cousin Shannon(@metspolice) a whole bunch of crap lately about not attending any games, especially after the fact that for many years he said CitiField didn’t feel like the Mets home. I was at the game Saturday and the place was crazy. It feels like home. It did Rock Like Shea. It does Sunday night it came through the tv the same way. This is what we have wanted for a long time. Will it continue, I hope so.
 I am enjoying this. After the boring baseball for the last few years it seems like we might be finally at the precipice of the team playing well for a while. Am I getting ahead of myself? Maybe.
 That crowd was nuts after the three homers in the third. You could feel the buzz coming through the tv. It was great. I can’t wait to get back to citifield when the Mets come back home.
 You guys enjoying this as much as I am? If you are awesome! Let’s go Mets!!!
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Mets Lineup Survivor results for August 2nd


One man. One team. 1000 lineups.

The winner of Mets lineup survivor is he who Terry inserts in the starting lineup the most days in a row, at any position, in any order.  Only two remain!
Sunday, August 2
vs. Washington

Curtis Granderson – RF
Daniel Murphy – 2B
Yoenis Cespedes – CF
Lucas Duda – 1B
Juan Uribe – 3B
Kelly Johnson – LF
Kevin Plawecki – C
Noah Syndergaard – RHP
Ruben Tejada – SS

Protect Our House?

Hi.  I’m off with the family but here’s some Unpopular Stuff I started on twitter this morning which will make you hate me all even more.  This will also bother the people that accuse bloggers of selling out and even Media Goon.  So I will be out here on the ledge.

First, the Mets….

Mets: Saturday Night Baseball


What a game folks, am I right? CitiField was packed. The crowd was electric, the fans were into the game. People were happy to be at a Mets game. Hey Wilpons! See what happens when you make the moves necessary for fans to feel like you care that you own a baseball team? People show up. You don’t even have to care, just pretend that you do and people will show up.
There was a buzz in that building that I haven’t felt except for the Johan no hitter. The whole stadium felt like I was sitting at a 7line outing. It was that intense at times. Fans were paying attention to the game and not just chatting with a game going on in the background.The ovations for Cespedes and Flores were electric. The Crowd was loving it.THIS is how you start to TAKE BACK NEW YORK. It was tough getting to food stands and bathrooms because of the lines. You know what? I’ll take it.
The Mets down two runs in the top of the first? Last month I would have been like this game is going to be ugly. Not now. I don’t know why I am feeling so sure with the Mets now. I knew they had a chance to come back and they didn’t fail me. It really is amazing when you add some major league players to a team.
The crowd’s leaving the stadium in the stairwells last night were chanting LET’S GO METS and the amount of people and the loudness of it reminded me of Shea. The whole damn night reminded me of Shea. Now that I got a taste of it Saturday Night, I want more. I am going to be greedy and say that I want the Mets to win the east. F*ck the wild card. Play your hearts pit fellas. We fans have been patient enough. This is the year to turn this team,no wait, this organization back to being something a Mets Fan can be proud of. I am not going to overreach and say WORLD SERIES or BUST, but you better get into the playoffs and win at least one series.

I am enjoying this immensely. Shannon it might be time for you to find your mojo and come back to the park…

Cespedes Shirsey and Jersey already in the wild.




Dear @mediagoon, I am glad you enjoy the games


Dear @mediagoon,

I am glad you enjoy the baseball games in person.  I have gone through several stages of life where I really enjoyed going to the ballpark.  Right now is not one of them.

It has little to do with winning or losing.  I did 35 games with my dad when Mike Scott was a Met, and 10-20 since Citi Field opened, and various waves at Shea as discussed in my book Send The Beer Guy (available for just $3 for Kindle/Apps and $9 for an actual book.)

As much as you enjoy your experience at the games, I really enjoy my experience at home.  I like the twitter hang.  I like the 4 second trip which compares favorably to your 10 minute trip and my 65 minute trip.

I’ve discussed several time that I don’t really like Citi Field as a ballpark.  You can.  Others can. It’s all good.

This morning I actually thought about playoff tickets for the first time since my mid-30’s, and am not sure I’d even want them.  Would I enjoy sitting in Promenade Left more than I would cozying up on the couch with a 60 inch TV and my trusty Macbook?  Maybe once (do they still do day games), maybe a lot, maybe not at all.  I’m not sure.

Anyway, I’m glad you had fun.  I’m sure this post, like many, will have people saying what an idiot I am.  I just like doing things including Mets baseball, and right now I”m not interested in turning a 3 hour TV show into a 7 hour commitment. (similarly there was a time when I would hit the beach 40x a summer including one year I did 14 before Memorial Day! I like the beach but I can’t commit the time.)

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