Saturday night Mets crowd shots

Hello from Citi Field. First one is 7:07pm, then some shots of the tailgate and dogs.






Goon update- from the 7 line army section





Mets Great Tom Seaver Not About To Lobby For Statue At Citi Field « CBS New York

“That’s for other people to do,” said Seaver, who holds the record for the highest voting percentage in Hall of Fame history. “I understand that I’m part of the history of the game of baseball. It is going to be what it is. The wonderful thing are the memories that I have about the game, and I loved it. And I loved pitching.”

via Mets Great Tom Seaver Not About To Lobby For Statue At Citi Field « CBS New York.

Thanks jerks for telling the Mets you like Saturday night games

weather for April 19

During the off-season the Mets mentioned that their research told them that fans prefer Saturday night game.

Now maybe that’s true in July and August, but in April?  Do you really want a 7pm game tonight?  It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday and instead we’re going to wait until the sun goes down so we can be uncomfortable at the park.


Farewell Ike Davis Cowboy meme

Long-time readers know that every time I go away and leave @mediagoon in charge the Mets are sure enough to announce something major.  I thought we were going to get away with it this time but sure enough I got in the car for a long drive up the east coast, put the radio on WOR (which does not have the signal WFAN has and boy that Cuban station at 710 steps all over it – the Cuban station is a real thing I am not just vamping, there is a station in Havana that broadcasts at 710 and doesn’t follow FCC rules so they power-up)….where was I, oh yeah Howie told me Ike Davis had been traded.

ike davis cowboy

And so we say goodbye to the Ike Davis Cowboy, one of my favorite memes.  It was fun to break this one out on twitter when Ike did something bad.  It was also fun to break it out on twitter when Ike did something good and write the tweet in the “voice of Ike Davis” making fun of me.

When Ike would do something really good I would break this one out.

ike davis miss america

Nothing like swinging the big bat and hanging out with Miss America, right?

So farewell Ike.  I have seen this show before and I have no doubt you will win the MVP within three seasons.

And to the beat writers who anointed you way back when….those same beat writers who made fun of Daniel Murphy for never being good enough…to you I say #imwith28 and MURPH IS STILL HERE!

Adios cowboy…see you down the road.

This is the Mets batting helmet you can get on April 26th

This was always a winner back in the 70′s!

mets batting helmet giveaway 2014

Adios Ike Davis(@Mets trade with Pirates)

Well, it finally happened, Ike Davis is now a former Met. Traded to the Pirates for a minor league pitcher and a player to be named later.
As the WWE says when they release a wrestler “We wish Ike Davis luck on all future endeavors”.


Happy trials to you. Btw this trade happened because @metspolice is traveling.

So how do we feel about this Mets pop-tonal cap?

pop tonal Mets cap

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