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I don’t want to hear how tired you are Mets!

Mets baby fathead

First of all, I love what Michael Baron is doing over at Just Mets, so be sure to click through and read his article on this.  But first…

“Today we looked a little tired for me,” manager Terry Collins explained after the Mets dropped their second game in a row to the Red Sox on Saturday. “The back-to-back extra-inning games, the 3 o’clock in the morning getting back from Philly,

Source: Understandably tired, Mets aren’t using that as an excuse for their lost series « Just Mets


I don’t want to hear it.

Fine they got in at 3am.  You’re home at your house at 4:30am.  You stir and don’t go to bed until 5:30.

You get a nice 8 hours sleep, get up at 1:30, shower, shave and you’re at Citi Field by 3pm.  You play some baseball, go home after the game, go to bed, and then you play Saturday at 4pm.  Don’t go blaming Philly on these losses.  Make some pitches.

What’s amazing is that I hear other baseball teams have to travel as well.  Sometimes they play extra inning games!



Dear MLB can someone check the app please?

Dear MLB,
 Thank you for providing entertaining baseball audio via a mobile app.
 However, could someone in your office listen to a Mets game (WOR feed) sometime this week? The levels are atrocious.
 The game feed itself is somewhat low, but the commercials are loud and then LOUDER and then loud and then LOUDER, and all that assumes they aren’t cut off by those filler features of old highlights that someone created.
 It’s a total mess and seems like nobody has ever bothered to put it on to see if it is working.
 Assign Timmy the intern to take notes and then have Frank the operations guy get on this. It’s a total mess.
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