Survivor: Mets Lineup for July 29

One man. One team. 1000 Lineups.

The winner of Mets Lineup Survivor will be the player Terry starts the most consecutive days in a row (at any fielding position or anywhere in the lineup.)


Wednesday, July 29
vs. San Diego

Curtis Granderson – RF
Daniel Murphy – 3B
Kelly Johnson – 2B  previously eliminated
Lucas Duda – 1B
Michael Conforto – LF
Kirk Nieuwenhuis – CF
Wilmer Flores – SS  eliminates Flores
Anthony Recker – C   eliminates Plawecki
Bartolo Colon – RHP

Mets Lineup Survivor



As you know Terry is a maniac likes to mix and match his lineups.  Lately he has been relatively consistent.

For Mets Lineup Survivor we will track which player stays in the lineup for the most consecutive games.  For this round we are just including the name.  If you play a different position or bat in a different spot you remain in the game.

Tuesday, July 28
vs. San Diego

Curtis Granderson – RF
Ruben Tejada – SS
Daniel Murphy – 2B
Lucas Duda – 1B
Juan Uribe – 3B   (eliminated Kelly Johnson)
Michael Conforto – LF
Kirk Nieuwenhuis – CF
Kevin Plawecki – C

One manager, one team, one lineup.    My money is on Murph.

Will Terry Collins go down as one of the most beloved Mets managers?

terry collins


Yeah, yeah, you started out grabbing pitchforks and think I’m a jerk.

What if Terry makes the playoffs and has a decent run.  I don’t mean the scenario where the Mets make the second Wild Card and they exit.  I’m talking say Game 6 loss in the NLCS?

Gil and Davey are loved.  Many of you revere Bobby V.  Willie not so much.  You never think about Yogi actually managing (you think of him as manager but not so much actually managing and if you do you start talking about starting Tom Seaver against Oakland.)

How might Terry rank if he makes the NLCS?  Higher than Wille for sure.  Jerry?  Yep.

Howe, Torborg, Dallas Green?  Yep.

Mike Cubbage for a weekend?  Yep.

Buddy Harrelson the manager?  Yep.  Buddy Harrelson the player?  No.

Frank Howard and Bamberger?  Yep.

Mets manager and preventer of first responder caps Joe Torre?  Yep.

Joe Frazier and Joe McMillan?  Yep.

Salty Parker and Wes Westrum?  Yep.

Casey Stengel?  I don’t know if any Mets fans revere Casey as a Mets manager.  I think they like the stories but I haven’t heard too many tales of Casey’s great strategy with a 120 loss team.

So I’ve left Davey and Gil, and I will throw in Bobby V since Generation Piazza loves finishing second.

Terry might wind up as a Gerald Ford type who stabilized things after a nightmare.  History may be kind to Terry.


Blue Jays Rarely Experienced the Reyes They Traded For | VICE Sports

jose reyes blue jays

Back in the Mets days people would get mad at me because although I understood the Reyes Fantasy which is how he would walk, steal second and third and score on a sacrifice, I found it didn’t happen when I watched.  I guess the gang in Toronto feel the same.

Fun player, sure.  Ran out of town on us in a heartbeat despite how much you hate the Wilpons?  Yep.  (One AB in the last game and signed at 12:01am, that’s not exactly Tom Seaver crying at his locker.)

Anyway, as mad as you are at me right now, here’s a good read.  Thanks to Greg Prince for tweeting this one.  You can ask Greg his opinion, he’s quite good at words.

Jose Reyes, the main ingredient of the Blue Jays-Marlins blockbuster, was supposed to be in Toronto for the long haul.

Source: Blue Jays Rarely Experienced the Reyes They Traded For | VICE Sports

Mets clinch Meaningful Games In August

Good news Mets fans!  Even if the Mets drop two and the Nationals win two, the Mets would head into Friday night (July 31) three back with a three game series against the team they are chasing – which would mean they would go into the game on July 31 controlling their own destiny!

Even if they lose that game, the next two games against the Nationals would be very meaningful as you wouldn’t want to fall six back.

It’s meaningful games in August!  Now if we can just work on those following two months.

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