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Mookiee Podcast 16 – Paul Lukas @uniwatch discusses Wright’s orange undershirt

david wright undershirt

A podcast about the New York Mets and Star Wars. This week’s guest is Paul Lukas from Uni Watch who discusses (among other things) David Wright’s orange undershirt.

00:00 Mets are rocking
02:00 Jason hates The Natural
05:30 Are Mets obnoxious?
09:00 The Subway Series is annoying
11:00 Interleague Play zzz
12:00 The MLB Patrick Division

15:00 Finn has a blue lightsaber!!
17:00 New Star Wars novels

19:30 Mets playoff ticket strips

21:45 recasting Tarkin
24:00 the old NPR Star Wars radio serials

29:30 Plugs

30:00 Guest: Paul Lukas from Uni Watch
31:00 David Wright’s orange undershirt
36:00 Compression Sleeves
39:00 Coaches Uniforms
40:00 9/11 Caps & First Responder Caps
45:00 Paul on the current Mets jerseys
47:00 Rumor about the camo jerseys!

49:00 Discussing Star Wars Nights with Paul
54:00 Turn Ahead The Clock Night

I have to run out the door but wanted to post this one. Discuss later. Thanks Paul and Jason!

Source: R.A. Dickey filmed scenes for “devastating” Mets season finale

winter is coming

Leaked still frame from the recent shoot.

A source very close to the long running television series Mets tells us that R.A. Dickey recently filmed some scenes for the season 54 finale.

It has been a tumultuous season for the long running series.  Critics of the show shredded the first half of the season, claiming it was boring and more of the same old same old. Neither fans nor the network reacted well to a long arc involving David Wright facing a career ending injury, a plot line that was suddenly forgotten during a mid-season reboot.

With new characters, including the charismatic Yoenis Cespedes, a gimmicky episode involving a parakeet, an emotional episode with Wilmer Flores, and the return of Wright to the main stable of characters, fans of the show are now saying that season 54 is one of the best seasons ever, ratings are up, and the network has picked up their option for up to an additional 19 episodes which will allow them to extend the season into November.

A lonely year writing a hit TV show

A lonely year writing a hit TV show

But not everything has been rosy behind the scenes.  “Greg has had a rough year, “our insider tells us.

“He thought the Wright arc would be very dramatic, but fans didn’t react well to it.  The network wanted him to do a big season-long story about Matt Harvey’s return, but he felt that was kind of hacky and was probably right.  His #2 (assistant show runner Jason Fry) has been distracted by a new side project and hasn’t been there to punch up the writing, and I think you saw the effect of that a lot in the May and June episodes.  There was just no edge.”

“The mid-season reboot was Greg’s idea.  Basically he said if you want a good show you have to give me some stars who can act or I’m out of here.  They brought in Yoenis, but for a minute I thought Greg was gone.”

“Things were better for a few weeks but with the ratings up the network leaned on him for a ‘stunning’ finale to generate interest for season 55, and well…it’s devastating.  They’re all-in on these extra episodes and what them to be as good as the Houston/Boston episodes from the show’s golden era.  Greg’s feeling the pressure to top Buckner so it’s almost like ‘ok you want stunning, you got it.’  It’s absolutely devastating.”

Sources say Dickey would only agree to do the episode if his character had a very big moment.   The season finale of Mets, titled “Winter Is Coming”, airs Wednesday November 4th.

Register For a Chance to Get Post Season Tickets

960_ps_public_pricing_2015FLUSHING, N.Y., September 2, 2015 – The New York Mets announced today online registration at for the possibility of being selected for the opportunity to purchase tickets, subject to availability, for potential New York Mets 2015 Postseason games to be played at Citi Field. The registration process gives all fans who register an equal chance to be randomly selected for this ticket purchase opportunity.

One random selection process will be held for the potential National League Wild Card Game and National League Division Series, and if applicable, separate random selections will be held for the National League Championship Series and for the World Series. One registration is all that is required to be included in all random selections, provided the registration is completed before the end of the registration period for the applicable Postseason Series.

There is no charge to register, and there is no obligation to buy a ticket. There is no assurance that any particular registrant will be selected, and neither registration nor selection guarantees the ability to purchase tickets.

Online registration dates are as follows:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 – Registration period begins, and Mets fans may log on to under the “Public Purchase Opportunity” tab and register for the special online-only potential opportunity to purchase postseason tickets.

Thursday, September 10, 2015, National League Wild Card Game and National League Division Series registration period ends at Noon Eastern Time. The random selection will take place at a time to be determined and selected persons will be notified via email shortly thereafter.

Monday, October 5, 2015, National League Championship Series registration period (if applicable) ends at Noon Eastern Time. The random selection will take place at a time to be determined and selected persons will be notified via email shortly thereafter.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015, World Series registration period (if applicable) ends at Noon Eastern Time. The random selection will take place at a time to be determined and selected persons will be notified via email shortly thereafter.

Ticket inventory for each Postseason Series will be limited and will be available to be purchased by selected registrants for the applicable Postseason Series on a first-come, first-served basis only while tickets remain, subject to availability. The registration process and any resulting ticket purchase opportunity is subject to the terms and conditions that accompany the online registration form. Please visit for complete rules and details for the random selections.

Booing Parnell

What is wrong with you people booing a guy who has come off Tommy John surgery and gives his all to pitch for the Mets? You think it’s because lack of effort that he hasn’t pitched well? If it was Bobby Bonilla out there going through the motions in the outfield and you could tell he didn’t care about playing I could understand. I don’t believe in booing one of our own players. Especially one that you can tell is putting his heart and soul into throwing every pitch. Did you see how dejected he became with his performance? That’s not the way someone acts when he just doesn’t care.
 Parnell has given his arm pitching for the Mets. You fans that booed him are probably the same ones who try to start to the wave.
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Did the Mets collapse just start?


As you know, Terry Collins managed the worst game in baseball’s 140 year history tonight, and the Nationals are winning (jeez, Nationals, you’re not even trying), and the Phillies came back from September deficits twice nearly ten years ago and…..


You would have sold your soul for 5.5 6.5 up on September 2nd.

They got this. I guarantee it.

This post was updated to reflect that the Nationals somehow blew that game last night.

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