Do the Mets always suck? Yes. Evidence…

And at a personal level, blog numbers continue to be down as we compare months to the previous years.

There is a lot of fan apathy right now.

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@mets Fire VP of Ticket Sales and I am MAD

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The other day I posted on here I posted about how the Mets VP of Ticket Sales Leigh Castergine parted ways with the Mets. Now I didn’t have total confirmation that Leigh was supposedly fired but the NY POST has it confirmed.

From The NY POST

“Leigh Castergine, Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales & Services, is no longer with the organization. Although no replacement has been named yet, we have a talented staff in place to handle all ticket related business while we embark on a national search for this role,”

The Mets were only better then Arizona and Miami in the NL in ticket sales and only better then seven teams in the AL.

Now I am going to get into the heart of the matter- If this is the reason that Leigh was fired then it is ridiculous. I don’t know the exact reason but if this is the case, the Front office should not be blaming anyone in ticket sales for poor ticket sales but themselves. Almost every ticket rep I have met is hustling to make sales. You know all those promotions that are crammed into one game that I complained about a few weeks back? They are there because the METS front office is not putting the product on the field that people will go see for the prices the Mets expect.

Did someone deserve to lose a job because of poor ticket sales? Yes. FRED, JEFF, and SAUL, deserve to lose their jobs. They are more concerned about building their two malls then building a team that fans want to go see. The Mets are losing season/partial season plan holders like crazy. Shannon Shark has sold some of his tickets on stub hub because for a few weeks its been a chore to get to the game. WHY THE HELL SHOULD IT BE A CHORE TO COME TO A GAME? It should be something you look forward to. Now Shannon is even debating about getting rid of his plan next season.Was that Leigh’s fault? Not if she isn’t the one putting this sub par team together.

The first few months of every season the ticket sales seem to be okay for the Mets where they aren’t throwing 1000′s of different ways to sell tickets at you. After the all-star break every year it’s the same thing. They package field level tickets or left field landing tickets for “great” prices- Like the 4 tickets for $48 dollars for DeGrom. That shows you that the ticket office is trying to put together stuff to sell tickets and they can only do so much. I am lucky to have a great ticket rep. He hustles his ass off at the games to sell ticket plans to fans, and when I need anything regarding tickets I can either call or email him and boom I get the answer I need.

To the Mets front office, it is time you guys get your act together, spend some money on the team and not worry about the mall in the parking lot. WORRY ABOUT YOUR FANS and giving your employees the tools to succeed by having a team that can compete and win.

If this is the reason for Leigh being let go, then it is wrong. If there is another reason I hope to hear it.

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@the7linearmy Crowd Shots

Some crowd shots and the lucky @the7linearmy member who got to throw out the first pitch. We here at Metspolice have no problem mentioning @the7line and the @the7linearmy


 Amy DeAngelo got to throw out the first pitch
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R.A. Dickey: Mets shouldn’t censor Matt Harvey’s outspokenness – Newsday

Hilarious…the first sentence of this article is priceless.  Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way…

The bold is mine


Because it’s been a whole two weeks since Matt Harvey created some type of media stir, during that lull seemed like a good time to ask an expert about managing attention in the Flushing fishbowl.

That person is R.A. Dickey

via R.A. Dickey: Mets shouldn’t censor Matt Harvey’s outspokenness – Newsday.

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Caption this photo of the Mets-Brewers bobble head creation

UPDATE: wait,earlier I just assumed it was a Granderson because of the timing of the tweet (Granderson bobble head night).

Below is what @mediagoon posted last night.  What is this strange Brewmets creation??

granderson bobblehead E578588C-8FD5-44BD-83B8-39B4FD21F625iphone_photo

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That awkard silence on your television today brought to you by @the7linearmy

Today, @the7linearmy will be having one of their outings.

I have noticed that when the camera pans to the Army, the main announcer on TV does not identify them.

It is very very very strange, and I encourage you to watch the awkward silence today.  The camera will go to the t-shirt wearing enthusiasts and the booth will stop until the camera moves.


a) there is no “gag order” from SNY.  Confirmed by insiders.

b) Kevin Burkhardt has addressed the 7 Line Army by name when he subbed as play-by=play announcer.

c)  one of you will fly the “they don’t have to do a free commercial…” argument.  True.  But it ain’t like Keith Hernandez doesn’t get in plugs for Sag Harbor businesses.

d)  the actual Mets are cool with the 7 Line Army as evidenced by both this tweet and the donations the Mets have made to the charity (see end of post).

So I don’t know what’s up with The Man on TV (I can also not use the names of people and things, right?) but it’s really really bizarre. Watch. Hopefully he will prove me wrong.  I think given where the fan-base is it wouldn’t be the worst thing to acknowledge the diehards.


Here’s what The 7 Line Army is up to today.


Prior to this season we heard about Luke and instantly wanted to find a way to help. We decided to turn one of our outings in to a fundraiser. Hope you can make it out to this amazin’ outing for a great cause. Luke and his family will be on hand for the game and afterwards we’ll be hosting a fundraiser in McFadden’s with tons of great raffle prizes up for grabs. $5 from each game package will go directly to the Lang’s along with every penny raised at the fundraiser. McFadden’s has also graciously agreed to donate a portion of their sales during the fundraiser as well. To learn more about Luke we asked his Mom Jeannine to write a few words.

“Luke Lang was diagnosed at the age of 5 on March 28, 2013 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Positive Philadelphia Chromosome (ph+ALL). He has undergone many rounds of adult dose chemotherapy, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, and numerous amounts of spinal taps (18) with chemotherapy injections. Luke has had many stays at the hospital he is being treated in (Winthrop University) for weeks at a time. Luke has three more years of treatment left. Luke missed three months of Kindergarten and half of first grade. While his friends were playing outside, Luke was either in the hospital or homebound without contact from people because his levels were so low he had no immune system.

What has helped Luke was all the love and support from family and friends. He also made a lot of new friends in the New York Mets. While in the hospital Luke watched the games and then watched the reruns the next day. When he was well enough we went to a game and he then became friends with Anthony Recker, John Buck, Justin Turner, Josh Satin, Matt Harvey, just to name a few. Justin Turner and John Buck still keep in contact with Luke. Lukes passion is baseball and the Mets. His room is Met themed. Luke is their biggest little fan. Luke is a true fighter and his motto is “LOSING IS NOT AN OPTION “. It’s the motto we live by everyday.


- Jeannine Lang “

Donations include:

Mets suite package: 4 tickets in the Aramark suite to a game in 2015. Food and full bar included. (Donated by Aramark)

Mets game package: 4 tickets to a future Mets game with a VIP batting practice experience! Come early to watch the Mets warm up from right on the field. (Donated by Metropolitan Hospitality)

Brooklyn Cyclones package: 4 field box tickets to a game in 2015. (Donated by the Cyclones)

Brooklyn Cyclones baskets (2): An assortment of hats, jerseys and accessories along with a Daniel Murphy bobble head. (Donated by the Cyclones)

Hofstra men’s basketball package: 4 SEASON tickets to their home games. That’s 14 games in total along with some Hofstra merchandise. (Donated by Hofstra Athletics)

Boomer & Carton package: Winner and a guest can hang in the producer studio from 9-10 one morning. Pics with B&C in the on air studio. They can bring whatever they want to get signed. Date has to be mutually agreed upon. (Donated by Al Dukes, “B&C” show producer)

Mets jersey & Mets jacket (Donated by Majestic)

Andrew Hermida aka Mr. Moody Met artwork (Donated by Andrew Hermida)

Assorted signed Mets player photographs (Donated by Katie Daza)

New Era Baskets (2): Assorted Mets hats and New Era apparel (Donated by (New Era)

Signed Matt Harvey jersey (Donated by the Mets)

Signed David Wright bat (Donated by the Mets)

Signed Zack Wheeler hat (Donated by the Mets)

Signed Daniel Murphy ball (Donated by the Mets)

Signed Dwight Gooden photograph (Donated by the Mets)

One of a kind artwork by Dave Majo

McFadden’s gift card

The 7 Line Army basket: Two front row tickets to the final home game with The 7 Line Army, two hit towels, two thunder sticks and two event t-shirts

Signed copy of Howie Rose’s book “Put It In The Book!” (Donated by Howie)

Signed copy of Dwight Gooden’s book “DOC” (Donated by Doretta Scarola)

ONE WEEK at the Create A Pro Wresting Academy, Curt Hawkins signed 8 x 10 photo & signed action figure. (Donated by Curt Hawkins)

Professional Mets photographs (Donated by Justin Berl)

Framed Citi Field photos (Donated by Darren Meenan)

Mets 1969/1986 World Champions varsity jacket (Donated by George Ho)

Raffle tickets for the fundraiser will be purchased at the event. The fundraiser will start approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the game.

Get your tickets to the 2015 Queens Baseball Convention

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