Will the Mets re-acquire Jose Reyes?

formerly mets jose reyes jersey


Will the Mets re-acquite Jose Reyes from the rebuilding Rockies?

No, of course not, what are you insane?  Why did you even click my link bait?

There is no way the Mets are going to take on a $22 million contract with a few years on it.  Do you not pay attention at all to the Mets’ finances?  I’m amazed they even got Actual Major Leaguers this past few days, and look how excited the fanbase is about table scraps (although Kelly Johnson is the best player on the Mets somehow).

Stop the Reyes fantasy.  He will never play for the Mets again, and that includes Old Timers’ Day because we don’t have those.


Tulowitzki Has Been Traded to the Rockies for Reyes?

In another case of Media Goon never sleeps, I have this rumored/unconfirmed trade happening as I wake up for work at 3am.
 There are multiple reports that Tulowitzki has been traded to the Blue Jays for none other then Jose Reyes. Heard to be Included in the
 deal is pitcher Miguel Castro,pitching prospect Jeff Hoffman and a player (prospect)to be named later. The Blue Jays get Latroy Hawkins also.
 Now why am I posting about this? Numerous reporters are speculating that the Rockies might flip Jose Reyes to another team who needs a short stop. And what team has been looking at Tulo? Yep the Mets. Wouldn’t that be funny if that’s the “other big bat” the Mets get. Also if the Mets or a another team doesn’t trade for him, the 7line has a road trip to Colorado next month in which we get to see Jose Reyes in a Rockies uniform.
 What do you guys think the odds are of Reyes being shipped to the Mets now?
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