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Did the Mets collapse just start?


As you know, Terry Collins managed the worst game in baseball’s 140 year history tonight, and the Nationals are winning, and the Phillies came back from September deficits twice nearly ten years ago and…..


You would have sold your soul for 5.5 up on September 2nd.

They got this. I guarantee it.

Bartolo Colon for Game 3!

Another nice win (12, one more than certain other pitchers) for Bart.

I think it’s clear JDG is the ace this year, and as much as I like busting his chops I think MH is a big game pitcher and I’d want to throw him as much as possible in a short series.

But beyond that, depending on the opponent and how they hit against lefties, who do you trust right now?  Niese?  Thor?  The rookie Matz we have barely seen?

Maybe Bart should pitch Game 3?

He’s been one of the best Mets free agent signings ever.  Wins games, eats innings, takes his turns, no drama.  Nice job Bart. I’m sorry you won’t be here next year, but I’m sure you’ll go 14-10 for Boston or somone.


Mookiee Podcast 16 – Paul Lukas @uniwatch discusses Wright’s orange undershirt

david wright undershirt

A podcast about the New York Mets and Star Wars. This week’s guest is Paul Lukas from Uni Watch who discusses (among other things) David Wright’s orange undershirt.

00:00 Mets are rocking
02:00 Jason hates The Natural
05:30 Are Mets obnoxious?
09:00 The Subway Series is annoying
11:00 Interleague Play zzz
12:00 The MLB Patrick Division

15:00 Finn has a blue lightsaber!!
17:00 New Star Wars novels

19:30 Mets playoff ticket strips

21:45 recasting Tarkin
24:00 the old NPR Star Wars radio serials

29:30 Plugs

30:00 Guest: Paul Lukas from Uni Watch
31:00 David Wright’s orange undershirt
36:00 Compression Sleeves
39:00 Coaches Uniforms
40:00 9/11 Caps & First Responder Caps
45:00 Paul on the current Mets jerseys
47:00 Rumor about the camo jerseys!

49:00 Discussing Star Wars Nights with Paul
54:00 Turn Ahead The Clock Night

I have to run out the door but wanted to post this one. Discuss later. Thanks Paul and Jason!

Want playoff tickets? -> Season Deposit Info | New York Mets

2006 mets tigers world series

Got this from Mets.  Maybe I’m not seeing 2016 prices because I am bad at looking but I’d fear putting a deposit down on an unknown pricing plan.  Anyways..

Get on Board! Place a deposit on your 2016 Full or Partial Season Ticket Plan today for the opportunity to select your 2016 seating location at our annual Select-A-Seat event this fall.

Seat selections will be filled at this event in order of deposit date. Plus new 2016 Season Ticket Plan deposits placed by August 31 come with 2015 Postseason ticket access!

Full Season Deposits (81 games) are $500 per seat and include access to all potential 2015 Mets Postseason games at Citi Field

Half Season Deposits (41 Games) are $250 per seat and include access to every other potential 2015 Mets Postseason game at Citi Field

20-Game Deposits are $250 per seat and include access to every other 2015 Mets Postseason game at Citi Field

Source: Season Deposit Info | New York Mets

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