Pictures of Citi Field’s Shea Bridge and other interior tweaks

Here’s a collection of shots of new things at Citi Field for 2010, most notably the Shea Bridge.

If you look at the photo gallery attached to this post (click “continue reading” if you are on the main page) those blue and orange speckles are the new paint job on the bathroom floor.

The Ebbetts Club has been renamed the Champions Club.

The children’s area has been reconfigured.   The dunktank is now where the batting cage was.  The videogame area is gone (or at least moved).   The batting cage is now behind the t-ball field.

When you enter the rotunda you’ll see today’s lineup posted above the escalator (using Topps cards).   The lineup used to be posted above concession stands along first and third – those displays now feature Met heroes of the past (enjoy my lousy photography).

Plenty of pictures follow…

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