Gooden was in the projects during the 1986 Mets parade

Dwight Gooden was amazingly honest on the radio this morning…will post more when I can..but he was open about his drug use and said he would buy cocaine in “the projects” and that during the 1986 Tickertape parade he was in projects somewhere on Long Island on a cocaine run.

He also said Kevin Mitchell was not a supplier to the 1986 Mets, and that Doc & Darryl only did (the implication was cocaine) together once.

Dwight also thinks he’d be a great pitching coach.

He felt “guilt toward the Mets fans” for missing the parade.

A wacky story that Lenny Dysktra tried to break Doc out of Celebrity Rehab…supposedly Lenny thought Gooden was being held (by a tv show) against his will.  (Am I going to have to watch crappy reality TV?)

More to come….I hope Doc writes the book he hinted at.

UPDATE: Here’s the audio. Bored with Sports Talk Radio? Try Alternative Sports Talk via TuneIn

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