Counterpoint: so some folks want Nohan tickets

Why do you care? So the Mets make some money and some folks get a weird souvenir. If you were there, great. If you want to pretend you were there, great. If you want to frame it and stick it away for 20 years and then send me a pic for when I do “2010′s week” for the 2034 All Star Break then great.

Media Goon mentioned that Leigh in tickets is a straight dealer. I also find that to be true.

Now where’s my flight home?

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Gary Dunaier
Gary Dunaier

"If you were there, great. If you want to pretend you were there, great."  As a season ticket holder, I guess I fall somewhere in the middle, because I (obviously) have tickets from that game.  I wonder if the reprints will be marked in some way to identify themselves as reprints. What would you have thought if the Mets had handled this the way the Florida Marlins did with souvenir tickets from Roy Halladay's perfect game against them from 2010?  They sold tickets for the seats that had not been sold - at face value - and yes, they charged different prices depending on the location of the seat, as if you were actually going to the game. I bought one - and what I received was a Ticketmaster-style ticket, with the only indication that this was a "souvenir" being the date of printing in the lower left corner.

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