Ad for local baseball team appears on website of local loudmouth

Wow I feel kind of validated by this…

My top-ad is a rotator through a partner so it’s not so much that they bought “me” but it was kind of cool to see a Mets ad. it does make sense..I would imagine 99% of the folks who swing by here are Mets fans.

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  1.  You are being audience targeted based on your surfing behaviors throughout the internet (which is a good thing). Example: I’m seeing Cole Haan and Westin Hotel ads while I’m on your site. I frequent and I’ve recently stayed at a Westin. All makes sense and all good things. Giving users relevant ads. Are you going to the SpeedWagon concern? :)

    • Good points all.

      I’m heading out of town so no Speedwagon for me.

  2. Not neccsarily true though because on mine right now its an ad for

  3. Almost all the top ads I see are for Kaspersky Anti-virus…which incidentally I already use and have ZERO chance of buying it by seeing the ads. Nice to know that my viewing habits are easily tracked for commercial purposes!


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