Mets Police 90's Week: Mets look to leave Bonilla open for expansion draft

Wait, what happened?  I thought Bonilla was great? Why would the Mets want the Rockies or Marlins to grab him for nothing?  Are they worried they signed a contract that was stupid?  The only thing stupider would be refinancing it so that Bonilla would be on the payroll in some far off future that will never come.

Here, though, are some absolutes: Eddie Murray, who hit his 17th career grand slam in Friday night’s 5-2 triumph over the Reds, will be at first base for the Mets. His contract forbids him from being made available in the expansion draft in November. Bobby Bonilla, who could be left exposed based on the theory that no expansion club wants any part of his $5.8 million annual salary, will be around when all the picking and choosing is done.

Via NY Times 9/6/92

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