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..for his fictional tale, entitled Fontana, author Joshua Martino conjured up a super hot (natch), 20 year-old outfielder for the Mets and imagined what would happen if he came out of the closet. All hell breaks loose in Queens, for starters

via Gay Mets Player Comes Out — Yes, It’s Fiction | NewNowNext.

So that’s an interesting premise for a novel and it got me thinking.  Yep, sooner or later a player will come out and yes it will be a media circus.  And where do media circuses like to take place?  Flushing.

I would kind of welcome it.  I think it’s time baseball got past this one.  I’d root for the guy.  I think the average Mets fan wouldn’t care at all.  We tend to judge players on whether or not they hit .300 or win 20.

Let’s keep the comments civilized and there’s no need to throw random speculation out there about any current or past players.

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In the 4 major sports, no active player has ever come out as gay, and only 5 former players in total have come out - both statistical anomalies given the relative size of the gay population. I suspect baseball given its history of tolerance and acceptance will be the first sport to have openly gay players - it's just a matter of time

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