Thoughts amidst the Mets disaster

Hello from the International Starbucks where there is wifi. I thought I’d check in and write a “real” post about the Mets.

Yet another disaster.

I fear what they’ve done is cost themselves the 2013 fanbase. Oh you’ll be there and so will I and so will the usual suspects, but Joe Fan? Why would Joe Fan buy into the Mets?

Should you believe in Santana? Man I love him but I don’t know if you can throw him on the cover of the yearbook and tell fans everything will be ok.

The 37 year old journeyman knuckles who we all love but his baseball card tells us he is a 37 year old journeyman knuckler with a great story and a great book? Well Disney forgot to write an ending. Can you put a 38 year old knuckler on the yearbook and tell Mets fans it will be OK?

So then the move becomes Distract The Fans. Last time they did that you got Jason Bay.

I’m not excited about Harvey tonight. Let me be loud and clear: he is being rushed. You know why he is pitching tonight? Because MLB didn’t schedule an off day today. Because there is zero percent chance of a rainout. Because SOMEBODY has to pitch and I’m out of the country and the other warm body pitched yesterday.

I’m enjoying how now Colactus sucks as a manager. The guy was a genius two weeks ago. Now the word Backman is showing up on twitter again.

I’m sad for Duda but if you don’t hit not field that’s a rough combination. I hope he makes it back. I’d still like to ask the Mets why they played him at first last year to get Nick Evans some at bats. That’s not a second guess, go back and read Mets Police from August 2011. I think I may have even asked a out it on a call with Terry.

I also love the cries to fix the bullpen. As if there’s 6 relievers that other teams will give away.

2012 was always about hope for the best. We got half a season of the best. The front runners showed up for three Dickey starts but now they are back on the Stupid Wilpons kick….and that what I fear for 2013. 2012 wasted a year. It was looking like 1984. It may just be 1983.

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