Reminder: Mets to wear 1989 throwbacks on Friday

The Padres will have the second of their three throwback jersey games on Aug. 3 against the Mets.  Both teams return to 1989 uniforms, which for the Padres means the rarely used combination of brown and orange, and the Mets in racing stripes and block lettering.

via More throwbacks coming | Pro League Authentics.

The MLB Shop often sells the throwbacks (I have bought two New York Giants jerseys this year) but I don’t see a link yet.  Will keep you posted.

The 1989′s were the “Yankee road” style jerseys that never made any sense.

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I never liked these. I thought having the exact same road uniform wordmark as the Yankees made no sense, and it was utterly devoid of style to boot (the 1987 and 1993-94 "New York" wordmarks were at least unique). I never liked the white outline (would have looked a lot better without it), and I never liked the absence of the uniform number on the front. That said, it'll be cool to see these tonight.

Brian Flatley
Brian Flatley

Can't wait to be blinded by the Padres uniforms. *ugh*

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