Former superstar Jose Reyes

Dear David Wright,

Remember this fellow?  Stood next to you for several years.  You guys had some cool adventures together.

You don’t hear much about him these days except on those rare occasions when he passes through New York City.

He didn’t get to join you in Kansas City this year.  I guess those Marlins fans were too busy to vote.

You don’t see him in too many commercials.

You don’t hear much about him at all.

Ask yourself if you are going to enjoy life in Atlanta or Kansas City or Los Angeles or wherever the grass may look greener than it does in a Mets uniform.  Especially Los Angeles, ask Darryl Strawberry how that turned out.

Nope, this article isn’t about Jose…I just wanted people to read it.  This is about you David.

I know you’re not really going anywhere, and even the stupid Wilpons aren’t that stupid.

So let’s not fuel the newspapers for another 13 months.  There’s lots of money to be made on both sides, let’s get a deal done and make it.

Ask them for the C.  Captain of the New York Mets with a 15 year career at third base is not a bad thing. Seaver won’t be around forever and half of Mike’s baseball card says Los Angeles.

Remember when Joe DiMaggio showed up at every opening day for half a century?  Be that guy.  Be Mister Met. can chase a championship that just might come to someone else in New York.  Ask Nomar Garciaparra about bad luck sometime.

Sorry to drag you into this Jose.  How’s Miami treating you?


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