Tedquarters’ All name team

Quiet day around Flushing (usually means some sort of disaster about to strike in Queens) – so far the only interesting thing I’ve seen in the Metsiverse today is from Tedquarters whenre Ted randomly talks about names in the Mets organization.  I killed a bag of chips with it.

Jean Luc Blaquiere: I studied art in grad school. The main thing you learn when you’re studying art in grad school is how to b.s. your way through art museums. If I saw a little tag next to an impressionist painting that said “Jean Luc Blaquiere,” I’d be all, “I find Blaquiere’s work a little contrived, but he really knows how to use paint.” Then you’d be like, “No, that’s just a stray leftover name tag from the Binghamton Mets’ field trip to the art museum; this is a Renoir.” And I’d say, “Oh, of course — haha, I was kidding.” But I wasn’t.

via Tedquarters | Ted Berg.

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