Stupid stupid stupid Mets

ITEM: Colactus plans to play Duda more at first base.

STUPID: Terry, we went through this last year. He won’t be the first baseman and the games mean nothing. I begged you to get him 40 games in RF in 2011 but you kept starting Nick DFA Evans. Play him in left and let Jason Bay watch.

ITEM: Colactus says he intends to watch Santana’s workload better.

STUPID: you know when would have been a great time to adopt this policy? June 1 when Johan, coming off major shoulder surgery and with your team in the race (remember that gritty 2012 team?) when Johan threw 75 pitches through 5 innings. Everyone was high on no-hitters that night. Now we pay for it.

ITEM: radio personalities trying to throw R.A. Dickey under the bus.

STUPID: just snooze your way thru Mike and Mike’s 17 hour Thursday Night Football pre-game show. Dickey will out “man” you in every aspect of life.

ITEM: former Cardinals QB started running David Wright out of town this morning.

STUPID: see yesterday’s column about why DW is never ever gong anywhere.

ITEM: Never wear black

STUPID: through June 3rd the Mets embraced tradition and dressed in sharp blue and orange. That day they broke out the horrible gimmick uniforms to honor John Franco.

They won that day and went a season best 8 over .500. They ended the day tied with the Nats for first place at 31-23. Since then they are 34-54.

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