Mets 2012 Home Game Retrospective

I bought a 20 game plan this year. I ended up going to 45 games. I have no Idea how that happened but it did. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am faaaaaaaaar from complaining. Even thought the team tanked in the second half of the year I still had fun going to the park.

There is a really fun community building up at Citi FIeld, through blogs,twitter,and the7line. There were times last year that I wanted to go to games but people I would usually hang with were either working or not interested in going to the games.This year if I felt like going to a game, I would say there was an 85% chance that I was going to end up hanging out with people I knew from there. You guys are pretty cool to hang with.

Now, I do give Shannon a lot of ribbing about how he can’t put a face to some twitter handles because he hasn’t met a lot of you. Poor guy is busy with real job and family and living in stupid NJ. If you live in New Jersey and are offended by me saying that NJ is stupid then let me apologize. I am whole heartedly sorry that you live in NJ..Anyway back to my point, I live a lot closer then stupid NJ to Citi FIeld and I can go to a game at a spur of the moment. So, I did that a lot this year and I am glad I did.

I am glad we have this community building up and I also feel lucky that we have each other in these trying times of Mets history. We stuck it out this year and got to see a no hitter, a player hit over 30 hrs, a new all time hits record. and a 37 yr old knuckleballer get at least 20 wins.

Here is a shout out to a lot of people I got to meet and hang out with this season and not to mention the mainstays from last year.

@metspolice, @the7line, @readtheapple, @ontheblack, @ceetar, @matthewcerrone @zofourtwenty,@maximussexpower, @feebald, @OGTedBerg, @bonniebell28, @brianerni, @mets_bro, @rachwynn, @Lizy_T7L, @TwoBootsHQ, @SoozyWild79, @darthchipper, @VinnyCartiglia, @MetsMama18, @spsully712, @Studi_Metsimus, @Coopz22, @LoriMartini, @TheSeanKenny, @petemc1969, @KellyL1332, ‏@cdaley20, ‏ @michaelgbaron, @kranepool, @muggles81..and I am sure I am missing a ton. Can’t wait to see you guys next season.

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Pete McNally
Pete McNally

Same here! What are the chances that the beer prices will go down for 2013 in line with the declining payroll? That would be sweet...


That and half a steak sandwich will get you places, I'll tell ya ...

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