Report: Mets sold 2.2M tickets, down third year in a row

A few of us were chatting about what faun season thus was, sure with a crappy middle, but the start and finish were a ball. Media Goon was raving on here yesterday about how much fun he had, and I surely enjoyed my 15.

Some of you “boycotted” and cost yourself some nice moments including a no-hitter, Dickey 20, and Banner Day which are the three best days Citi has seen so far.

The Times reports that

In the end, the promotions did only so much. The Mets drew 4.7 percent fewer fans than in 2011, the third consecutive annual decline since the team’s move into Citi Field. In all, the Mets sold 2,242,803 tickets, though how many were redeemed is unclear. At some games in the worst of the Mets’ slide, Citi Field looked as empty as a movie theater on a sunny summer’s day.

The dynamic pricing is nice but the actual pricing is the problem. Some of my seats had a $30+ price tag on them to sit upstairs if I remember properly and that’s just absurd. Get people in the building so tat they are emotionally attached to your brand. Think about 2013 and 2033.

My dad addicted me to this crap in 1977 when things were as bad as they could get, and I’m dressed in a Mets jersey to head to my kid’s soccer game 35 years later.

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I am not a plan holder. I attend about 15+ games a year. The dynamic pricing actually dissuaded me from attending for a few games this year. I felt some games were overpriced due to this new model, and I also thought that games that should have dropped were still too high. Lower seat prices due to bad weather, for me, did not factor in. I did not notice any drop in prices. What I did notice was an uptick in prices as demand slowly grew over a few days period, which fits into the dynamic pricing model; fewer seats available for a section would bump up price.

Media Goon
Media Goon

There were ticket drops.They just didn't go below a certain level. Meaning they couldn't go lower then a plan holders face value.

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