Is it time for me to stop buying Mets jerseys?


As I added my two new blue Dickey jerseys to the closet this morning I pondered a question: do I have enough Mets jerseys?

You can only wear Mets jerseys in so many situations, and Mrs. Mets Police is increasingly looking like this.


I have jerseys in blue and orange, green, white, gray, Mercury, two Los and even black. There are two more 2013 jerseys on the way (one “me” and one a Mets Police 13 – aka the formal-wear for Opening Day (prices start at jut $63), Banner Day and social media icons.

I will likely buy a NATIONAL and AMERICAN this summer….by likely I mean definitely…..

But is that it? Enough already? I have Mazzilli and Seaver. Murphy and Wright. Even two Dickeys now.

I have 86 style, swoosh, 87 script, dropshadow, classic, modern, pins and pinless. Ivory and “off-white.”

Have I reached the end of the line? I think Modell’s may have sent me over the edge.



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  1. Yes it is. Leave it for the kids and mongos. Save a couple, give away the rest

  2. If you need a separate closet for your Mets jerseys, you might have too many. :-)

  3. you might think you are done, but I know you, you aren’t done.

  4. Whats your favorite?

    • Green players choice Murphy – was heavily discounted when he got hurt the first time.

  5. If you’re giving them away, and have a M or L that you’re getting rid of, I’ll be happy to cover shipping ;)

  6. I feel ya. I never would’ve thought I’d have as many as I do, and I’m not even in yours and Goon’s league. However, as pricey habits go, baseball jerseys are both harmless and relatively cheap. Would Mrs. Mets Police prefer you spend that money on cocaine and hookers? I think not.

    • thats her attitude. as bad habits go, jerseys aint a bad one

        • look down, SKillsets guy. I think he’s been drinking too much egg nog.

        • I just wanted to make myself available!! :) You know…help a brother out…

  7. As I said on FB, there is never enough! Next are the Wheeler, Harvey, Familia, d’Arnaud, Syndergaard, etc. My favorite is, and always will be my ’86 Carter home jersey that I put my KID 8 patch on. As long as you aren’t making a choice between a jersey and the mortgage, have fun.


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