Celebrate the Mets 59th Anniversary with this cap…wait what?

Boy they really are hyping this 59th anniversary early.  The caps are already out!

mets 59th anniversary cap


This is so bizarre I may have to order one just to see WTF happens.  Maybe I will tear the space-time continuum.  Maybe the Mets are planning something big for their 59th?


Shannon Shark @metspolice

Shannon Shark is the founder of MetsPolice.com, tweets as @metspolice, is an avid fan of Lee Mazzilli and Daniel Murphy, hates black uniforms and is the author of "Send The Beer Guy" available at Amazon.com. #imwith28

8 Responses

  1. Jose says:

    The reason for the 59th Anniversary patch is because the line of New Era caps that make the official MLB caps is 59FIFTY.

  2. MeetTheMatts says:

    We bought a Dave Kingman 1969 Champions Jersey in the store at CitiField. We got it for half off when we pointed out that Kingman A) Wasn’t on that team and B) Wasn’t in the majors yet. Only the Mets.

  3. ogsmar says:

    metspolice Because of the last six debacles from 2007-13, the Mets have officially aged six years in the eyes of New Era

  4. nickschiavo says:

    metspolice NewEraCap will do anything to sell themselves, i know its a play on tne5950 but i dont get the 59 in the center

  5. metspolice says:

    .nickschiavo i’m telling you you;re wrong. The Mets are sick of us busting chops about under celebrating anvsys, so they are all in on 59

  6. nickschiavo says:

    metspolice haha and lets not forget how they can’t figure out how to count SEASONS as we saw in 1986 25th anniversary patch disaster

  7. NewEraCap says:

    metspolice That cap is part of our anniversary collection, celebrating 59 years of the 59FIFTY on-field. It was produced in all MLB teams.

  8. metspolice says:

    .NewEraCap ah thanks for the update. Not as much fun as being silly making fun of the Mets though

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