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I love going to Citi Field, but there are some things I would change. For instance, I would take out the Upper Decks in LF. It’s an unpopular place to sit at Citi, and is almost always empty. It blocks a great view of the Flushing Bay, which is only visible between the gap of the LF Upper Decks and the Scoreboard when you sit in the first base-side Upper Decks. There is a barely visible Out-Of-Town Scoreboard that seems like it’s an afterthought. Maybe not now, but once the money is there, and we don’t need more to spend on players, I’d rip these seats out (outlined in red.) It would make for a big concourse, and allow the view of the bay in. On the concourse, there could be statues of Seaver, Carter, and Piazza overlooking the field that would make Citi more unique

via Proposed Citi Field Renovation « Take The 7 To Citi.

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4 Responses

  1. Mediagoon says:

    When the Mets start winning and the ballpark starts filling up again there would be an outcry of why did they get rid of those seats. Now I have standing room only tickets. Not a smart idea.

  2. BKJerry says:

    I sat in the area just under the Out-of-Town scoreboard once. I was way up. I could only sit thru two innings, then went looking for a place to stand. Horrible view, the scoreboard cuts the view in half.

  3. FL Met Fan Rich says:

    Do you think that’s could really happen this soon with a new ballpark? That would be admitting to major design flaws.
    Don’t see that happening.

  4. Mike says:

    I gotta agree, taking out seats is not a good idea. They may seem empty now, but the team hasn’t had a winning season since it moved in. Once the team starts winning again, those seats will start to fill up. Remember, in the late 70s Shea averaged 7,000 a game.

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