Ron Hodges Night

Hooray for the Mets for honoring Jackie Robinson. One question. The Mets Police would prefer they not have names on the uniforms. You should know who #5 is or stay home. Presumably the names are to make it easier for newbies to identify players. Thus, The Mets Police asks why no names on the uniforms on a night where everyone is wearing #42?

2 Replies to “Ron Hodges Night”

  1. it’s for one night they didnt have names so relax dude

    totally on board with them having no names on the uni’s. you should know this info, if not be a fan and buy a scorecard and commit to memory. it’s a good brain exercise.

    ditch the black! Imagine how good the pins would look without the black??

  2. I agree with the no names on the uniform, why do we have to always look like the younger not as cool, brother of another team in this city?

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