Willie Motivates Young Players

So you have a young player and he’s hitting .385 and leading the team in RBIs. How shall we motivate him….

“He’s still a nice player, but let’s not get crazy,” Randolph said. “I hope he stays this way all year long. But he came in here as our fourth outfielder, and when your backup guys come in and really do a job for you, you love that kind of thing.”
Sorry Angel. Even if you hit .400 with 73 HRs you are destined to ride the bench.

One Reply to “Willie Motivates Young Players”

  1. Hmmm – a 27 year old young player who is playing his heart out doing everything that is asked of him out or a 42 year old injury prone veteran.

    This has happened before with this current team. Rather than let young pitching prospects like Kazmir and Bannister grow with the team, they are sent packing while guys like El Duque are signed.

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